Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another retard idiot running loose

Rodney Gene Wagner

So, I'm making comments over at a news site and Rodney, AKA "MSLGWCEO, just had to start the personal attack against me because I posted links to this blog! You might remember, I recently wrote about Rodney's antics over at the Miami-Herald newspaper:

Rodney personally attacked me "4" times. I flagged each abusive comment he made. Finally, I sent the above copy of email to the Herald upper management threatening to sue their ass for letting this pervert post such off topic garbage. Rodney was "banned" as a result!

Now Rodney is back attacking me with a grudge. He is a pussy asshole pedophile apologist who made this stupid dumb ass comment:

"These laws ENDANGER all children everywhere."

Oh please get a fucking life you retard! Rodney believes sex offender residency law "endanger all children" but he refuses to back up this insane claim with "FACTS". Shit head retard cousin of ZMan!

Here is Rodney's attack-I have highlighted certain words:


4 days ago
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ROARfortruth, I doubt that people HATE you, they distrust you because you have been kicked off every supportive group that there is. You are also a repeat sex offender who cannot take rejection very well. You turn on them after being given multiple warnings.

Now, I am very concerned about your inability to accept criticism and especially rejection. You show in your action and words that you are unstable and if another child rejects you, we may have another very serious situation.

I hope the authorities are watching you very close. For public safety reasons. Don't play the goody two shoes rule because you are known by many people. Especially those in Florida Law enforcement and DOC.

Implying that I am currently molesting children, This is baseless and w/o credibility. Repeat sex offender? Nope, not true. Why would Rodney try pulling this bs? He wants to discredit me any way he can even if it means "lying" for all to see! Rodney wants us to "trust him" but how can we ever trust a continual lying piece of shit? He said I was a repeat sex offender over at the Herald, thus this is an old lie he has spewed elsewhere. My retort:

"Now why don't you PROVE I have a second sex crime conviction instead of lying thru your teeth in another false attempt to discredit me??? Go ahead, step up and show us where I am a repeat sex offender. Were waiting."

Hey retard, step up or shut up. Your choice, your credibility on the line and rest assured, I will spread the word about you!

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