Wednesday, September 9, 2009


The idiots over at Preverted Justice finally got my MySpace account taken down. It took them years to do so. I had registered under a female name, Had no page set up and had one friend "Tom", Everybody has Tom for a friend!

I wasn't using MySpace at all and don't even like this social group but that couldn't stop the PJ retards from getting my acct banned anyway. I wasn't trolling Myspace looking for victims as Perverted Justice implies all sex offenders do. PJ did not accomplish anything here.

When I say years, I mean lots of years that PJ knew I was a Myspace member and sat back and did nothing because they saw I was doing nothing at Myspace, Ah but Perverted Justice likes "numbers", ad my name to the list of people they played a part in getting banned so far! But really, it was a pure waste of time. Retards!

Oh yeah, I've since re joined Myspace just to fuck with PJ & to let them know, so they can go waste more time tracking me down! Retard losers!

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