Thursday, September 3, 2009

Watching the tide turn

For awhile, there seemed to be a slew of sympathetic people posting in favor of helping the Julia Tuttle (sex offenders) dwellers who live under this Miami bridge-move out but ah, the tide of opinion favoring this, have turned against them.

Miami Herald columnist "Fred Grimm" has been writing numerous articles about this sex offenders being "forced" to live under the bridge, as if it were a shameful stain cast over Miami. Then recently, the Herald Editors wrote up their opinion titled "Fix The Law", casting yet another stain.

Then Herald columnist Leonard Pitts wrote his famous article which blows away anything the Editors or Fred Grimm have worked so hard on:

See how the tide of opinion has turned because of people like Phillip & Nancy Garrido, who abducted a young girl 18 yrs ago and kept her basically as a sex slave that Phillip Garrido raped repeatedly.

The pro sex offender advocates who post regularly at the Herald, Have all but disappeared because public opinion has turned against them, mainly because of one rapist and one Herald columnist who had the balls to stand against his pro liberal newspaper employer!

Advocates like SOSEN and the RSOL, They've been advocating "no sex offender restrictions" for some time now but along comes a pedophile rapist like Garrido and it destroys EVERYTHING these advocates have worked hard for and the good thing here is, we do in fact need a sex offender registry in place and people like the Garrido's, have ensured that the sex offender registries will NOT be abolished anytime soon! Garrido was caught because he was on a sex offender registry. Imagine if he was not on such a list, he would still be a free man today, right?


SOSEN-Sex Offender Support & Education Network

RSOL-Reform Sex Offender Laws

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