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Superhero "Zman" shows his stuff!

Old but still the hell funny!

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Zman gives me enough laughs for a week

Zman, on top of being a pathetic man with a thousand lies and excuses for being a registered sex offender, is a giant toolbox. Normally such people are just really disgusting, but Zman at least gives back to the world by being so pathetically stupid that he's often quite amusing. Here's the best example I've yet seen:

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 6:20 pm
Post subject: KY - Nashville Man Pleads Guilty in Bowling Green Child Sex

So I guess PeeJ needs to add themselves to the CorporateSexOffenders list... Karma sure is a bitch isn't it?


A Nashville man pleads guilty to driving to Bowling Green to meet a minor for sex.

The Department of Justice reports that 37-year-old Lorne Lynn Armstrong admitted that from September to October 2007, he chatted on-line with with a person he believed to be a 13-year-old girl.

The person was actually a member of Perverted Justice, who was taking part in a Kentucky Bureau of Investigation sting exposing on-line sexual predators.

Armstrong is scheduled to be sentenced June 30 in Bowling Green.

Yes, folks, he thought Lorne Armstrong was a volunteer with Perverted Justice who was caught in a Kentucky sting. Nevermind that he lacks basic reading comprehension since it's clearly written to be the 13 year old that's the member of Perverted Justice... he actually jumps to the conclusion that during a child predator sting, the PeeJ member would be the predator. Yeah, that's the logical conclusion.

It's just too stupid for words. Too stupid even for CJ members who aren't exactly Mensa candidates. Take, for example, the replies of SupremeJustice and KarenCunning:


What the heck are you talking about? scratch

Zman replies, still not getting it:

Well, their Corporate Sex Offenders web site says:

Working to reform companies that allow pedophiles on their services

And they raised hell when a member of SOhopeful was busted for child porn, thus causing SOhopeful to be shut down, and they claim any company that allows pedophiles on their web site is a pro-pedophile organization, so will they be calling themselves a pro-pedophile organization?

And then even KarenCunning, who is as retarded as a person can be without forgetting to breathe, replies:


Do you think the article says "THE PERSON WAS ACTUALLY A MEMBER OF PERVERTED JUSTICE" and means the person arrested and not the 13 year old?

I think you're reading the article incorrectly.

Karen queen

When she gets it and you don't, that means you're really, really unintelligent.

Please also note his excitement over someone being caught in a sex sting. When a real child predator is caught, it's bad. When he thinks a PeeJ member is caught by the tactics he hates, it's time for celebration. Not only are you vile, you lack even basic consistency and principles.

And thanks for posting about a PeeJ conviction. Those are always nice to see highlighted at

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