Monday, September 28, 2009

The kind of "MEMBER" SoSen wants,2933,556300,00.html?test=latestnews

Welcome to "Bookville" located in the Georgia woods where registered sex offenders are being "forced" to adsorb nature daily! I & you know that Ron Book is blameless here but you know how the RSO activists are always looking for another scape goat to "blame"-never the sexual predators fault mentality :-)

The reporter interviewed William Hawkins as seen in the photo. He molested a 12 yr old when he was 15. He is 34 yrs old and on probation for failing to register as a sex offender. He served prison time for this offense.

He shows no remorse or victim empathy for his crimes. He cries the "woe is me" card. He evaded the system by failing to register...are there other victims out there he victimized while not registered? Registering is simple. He played games with the system & was caught! He deserved to be caught because an unregistered sex offender, is a very dangerous sex offender!

Hawkins would make the "perfect" SoSen member. The woe is me mentality type member is what SoSen wants. Hey Mary, run over to Georgia & make another video, portray Hawkins as the "victim" of harsh laws! Ha ha.,2933,556300,00.html?test=latestnews

"I'm living like an animal. It's just bad," said Johnson, who was convicted in 2002 of child molestation. "You can't clean up, you can't clean yourself, you can't do nothing. I'd rather be dead. I'm serious. I'd rather be dead."


Sex Offender Support and Education Network-SOSEN


  1. "Homeless sex offender colonies will become the norm, if the laws do not change. Many of these offenders could get a job and home, if it were not for the cruel & unusual punishment laws. So we can all thank Jerry Keen and the other goons across this country for this. And when sex offenders are forced to live like lepers, it's only a matter of time before someone, with nothing to lose, commits a crime to survive."

    Posted by: "Zman"

    My thoughts:

    Forced to live like lepers? Nope. If you commit a sex crime in this day and age, you will face serious consequences! Mikey (Zchump) doesn't understand this for some unknown reason. He thinks a pervert who fails to register, should be treated lightly. Mikey blames the State of Georgia for passing laws to protect children, Hey dumb ass, blame the fucking coward sexual predator instead! The State didn't force him to molest a child, he did it of his own free will. Stop drinkin that country water, its addling your mind!

  2. Has anyone stopped to consider the factual basis for these laws or their effects?

    (1) According to US Department of Justice statistics, only 5% of sex offenders released in 1994 committed a new sex crime.

    (2) Additional research has indicated that most sex crimes are committed by persons known to the victim, NOT BY STRANGERS.

    (3) Research also indicates that most sex offenses are committed by FIRST TIME OFFENDERS and not by repeat offenders...a fact reinforced by the 5% recidivism rate.

    (4) States already have registries, and not the federal government is imposing its legislation on a state matter, threatening to remove 10% of federal funds from non-compliant states. This is more about money than public safety.

    (5) Do you consider your federal government MORE efficient and responsive to the public interest than the states?

    (6) Do you support a national ID card system? There are more than 650,000 people registered as sex offenders today with an annual growth rate of 7%.

    (7) Most are not aware of the increasing number of persons considered to be "sex offenders" or the crimes they have committed, including persons who have simply urinated on the side of the road without knowing a minor was present.

    (8) The largest group of registered sex offenders are 14-year-olds who will more than likely never commit a new crime.

    This is a bad idea. Now that you have spoken on one side of the fence, what about the other side?


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