Sunday, September 13, 2009

Is Mike Gregg a undercover PERVERTED-JUSTICE "spy" ?

My twin bro (the ugly twin) cannot seem to make up his mind. He has repeatedly said he hates everything about, calls them vigilantes, stalkers, every bad name in the book!

He has my "name" & info posted over at his blog, not in an attempt to harass as he says but rather to let others know my real identity. Yeah right, Mikey aint holdin no grudge against me so he says but he aint really telling the truth here ya know! Says one thing/does another. I was reading thru his biased pro pedo apologist blog and noticed a bunch of red comments he has made against the antics of PJ. Let me share a few:

Yet his group goes after people who do not agree with them, they attack people, call them pro-pedophile or pro-sex offenders or pedophiles. It's all shown on their Wiki site, and I know for a fact, that a lot of that information is BS! Why isn't the registry enough? Now they create their own wiki site to expose who they call pedophiles, pro-pedophiles, etc. They do not even stick to what is said they do on their main page.


That is a joke! His comments in many of the groups shows he gets off on harassing people to make himself feel holier than thou and allmighty or something.


now it's turned into a vigilante hate squad, from what other people are saying, and them coming after me, for nothing, only proves that.


Yet they have harassed me and many others just for having this blog and speaking out. I call that harassment and a blatant lie!


And they ask why offenders hide behind aliases! Because of the same reasons you idiots, because vigilantes like you harass people, call up their businesses, homes, neighbors, etc to "out" them and harass them.


This is exactly what vigilante groups like Perverted-Justice do, they GET OFF on doing it.


they go after anybody who does not think like they do.


people like Perverted-Justice need to be shut down


find out what PJ is REALLY about, which is harassment, slander, stalking in some cases, etc. They (or their partners) have even threatened me. What they are doing is cyber-stalking, harassment, slander, you name it, and is illegal and they should be prosecuted, IMO.


Well looky what I found on Oregon laws regarding intimidation, telephone harassment and civil right violations against the many people PJ attacks. There it is. Intimidation IS against the law in Oregon! Xavier and a few other Orgeonites better pay attention.


they are vigilante predators who troll the Internet looking for unsuspecting victims, or "marks" to groom into trusting them, as they are pretending to be children. Sound familiar? Sounds like predators looking for predators to me.


They are vigilantes who sometimes stalk, harass, threaten and intimidate people who disagree with them.

Mikey's criticism of Pereverted Justice is endless! No doubt in my mind he hates PJ and everything they stand for. So I have to ask...why is Mikey using their wicked wikisposure website to promote his deep seeded hatred against me??? Yes, he screen shot what the PJ wiki site had to say about me and has it posted at his sex offender issues blogspot!

Mikey calls PJ "vigilantes" and yet Mikey will post/use stuff they've posted if it benefits his "grudge" against me!

Is Mikey a Perverted-Justice undercover spy? I wonder!



Michael James Gregg
His blog is:
He is my ugly twin brother & I still love him! (sniff,sniff)

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  1. Maybe the US police need to investigate all the other blogs out there for death threats, like Absolute Zero United, Perverted-Justice to name a few.

    ANOTHER good one. Thanks GB!


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