Monday, September 14, 2009

The truth is always there

I just posted the following over at this website and thought I'd better copy it cause I suspect some SOSENite will flag it. Always trying to stop the truth from spilling out!


There I was posting on Topix this morning. The CEO of SoSen was casting the blame upon lawmakers because of a repeat sex offender who abducted a 2 yr old and was molesting her when caught. Of course, I had to jump in and correct the CEO about where the real blame lies with-the perp. Then I get attacked and have my personal name exposed by this CEO who names me, calls me a 'repeat' sex offender etc.

These so called Sex offender advocates are not capable of sticking to the 'facts', disagree and get attacked! I have personally seen the behind the scene attacks, slander, lying, plotting to discredit someone, rather than facing the individual head on & engaging in honest truthful debate.

What this does, is it gives YOUR enemies fodder to further discredit your SO advocacy. Look at AZU always quoting some stupid comment some SoSen member has said and there are plenty! A couple of years ago, A 'anti' infiltrated the SoSen forum and was eventually invited to join SoSen Staff. SoSen had no idea that the enemy was INSIDE their group. The anti just sat back and copied & copied all the stupid ugly behind the scenes crap SoSen Staff were engaging in! Eventually, the enemy published it elsewhere for the whole world to see.

They plotted to place an illegal bounty on my head. Plotted to destroy anyone who opposed them. Here is the bounty comment:

HOWEVER>.there is now a SOSEN bounty on TSANDS head. Seriously, I am sorry that need to be this way but, TSAND/BCU/MYDOGSPOT/TOESINTHESAND/TOESINTHEMUD.had popped his cork and is a VERY DANGEROUS person. Extremely unstable!!

As we have seen he will continue to take town the RSO Activist community at any cost to our cause. He has to be stopped.and the only way we can do this is to have him removed from the general public and that will more than likely have to be an arrest. I would like to see him placed in a mental institution. He may never get out, but he will be taken care of by a medical staff.

See, I was falsely accused of telling the antis of Jim freeman's arrest. I did not. I did in several emails advise 'MAGISTER' then the SoSen COO, that they needed to be straight forward and publically condemn what Freeman did rather than hide and hope the antis wouldnt hear of his arrest! Good advice that was never taken seriously. Tis tis.

Never ever an apology either. Guess who told SoSen Staff that the antis has posted the Staff info elsewhere? I did because at the time, I was monitioring a zillion anti websites and happened upon this info late one night. I was a Sosen forum member at the time this happened and I contacted staff immediately about what this anti did. Did I earn any browny points? Nope and they BANNED me from the SoSen forum! No good deed goes unpunished at SoSen:)

So, you see, I have valid reasons for NOT trusting SoSen because I've seen the hypocrisy. Never an apology, Never an admittance of wrong but plenty of personal attacks! I mistakenly wrote something up on my blog about MAGISTER months ago. She contacted me and said I was wrong/it wasnt true etc. I researched it further and she was right. Did I delete the article & hide? Nope, I made a retraction apology in red and left the article up for all to see! I am willing to admit when I screw up and not run & hide but I've yet to see ANY SoSenites ever offer any apologies when they screw up and if a person cannot be honest, how can we trust them? Rather than attack me, how about just honestly answering the legit questions I ask?

Hey, when are you guys ever going to wise up? Gonna put ANOTHER bounty on my head? lol

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