Friday, September 25, 2009

SoSen spinning another lie...yawn

I noticed that SoSen just recently posted ANOTHER disclaimer at their website. Trying to act all innocent and dis avowing ANY association with the known pedophile groups out there. Who you guys think your fooling?

Affiliations :
SOSEN is committed to promoting public safety and community awareness. All members of SOSEN have agreed to abstain from any activity that is not consistent with the organization's goals. This requires that any person who is a member of SOSEN will in no way affilliate him/herself with any organization, including but not limited to
NAMBLA, Boy Chat, Girl Chat, which promotes inappropriate sexual behavior. Any person who has information that suggests a member of SOSEN is engaged in inappropriate conduct should notify SOSEN Staff immediately.

Oh, this sounds soooo serious like we ought to take SoSen more seriously now? I think not. Let us not forget that the RSOL/Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign, Is deeply ROOTED within the pedophile community & years back, long before SoSen existed. SoSen members have signed the RSOL Petition seeking to ABOLISH all sex offender restrictions...So its okay for Linda (SoSen CEO) Pherson & Mary Duval (SoSen COO) to plat your names along side of pedo's on a petition? Nope.

Of course, the new disclaimer looks good but it implies that the pedophiles have penetrated the SoSen wall with their propaganda and have ingrained themselves & now SoSen is trying to weed them out? I think not. As long as SoSen associates with the RSOL whom has ties to NAMBLA, then SoSen cannot and should not be trusted!


"Paul Shannon" founder of the RSOL:


SoSen: sex offender education & support network
RSOL: reform sex offender laws

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