Saturday, October 3, 2009

Linda Pehrson Contildes

Is the SOSEN CEO, A signer of the evil wicked RSOL Petition seeking to abolish all sex offender restrictions. Her husband abused her daughter. He is a registered sex offender today.

Linda Pehrson is a signatory on the Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign which is attempting to gain support for removing almost all restrictions and penalties for sex offenders along with abolishing age of consent laws for prepubescent children and is affiliated with and B4U-ACT, an organization owned by Michael Melsheimer aka "Lek", member of BoyChat and well known pedophile activist."

Aligning along side known pedophiles seeking to abolish sex offender restrictions. Linda knows all this is true and yet has no problem being used by pedo's!

Linda has done a great job of discrediting what SOSEN used to stand for..."No More Victims". Now the new slogan is, no more sex offender restrictions!

Neither Linda or SOSEN has ever answered how if abolishing such laws, will have any affect on protecting children from sexual abuse & yet Linda screams how the current restrictions "endanger" children and puts them in harms way. Linda's solution-abolish these laws! Duh, how stupid is that? These laws do in fact protect children but when you've been groomed by the pedophiles, Sane reasoning get throw out the window! See here the RSOL Petition and the insane reasoning Linda supports:

I am a lost as to why a person like Linda Pehrson would sign, much less associate, with wicked pedophiles whose agenda is to freely abuse children w/o criminal penalty. Linda needs to come clean and get real! Linda's thinking puts children in harm's way. Its time that SOSEN kicked this bitch and her ilk (Mary Duval) to the curb!


SOSEN/Sex Offender Solutions & Education Network
RSOL/Reform Sex Offender Laws

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