Saturday, October 3, 2009

SOSEN threatens me, Oh I'm scared!!!

I received an email from SOSEN CEO Linda Pherson recently:

I want this harassment and slander to STOP! I cc'd FDLE in this email for documentation of the harassment complaint."

She started accusing me of violating SOSEN copyright but failed to give specific reasons as to why she believed there were copyright violations. I think she is blowing smoke trying to scare me silly threatening to sue me. "I'm scared, Linda,Please stop"! Not even close. I'm not afraid to expose SOSEN for the frauds they are or the ongoing bullshit they pull. Here is my "official" response to SOSEN and their ilk:

Since you refuse to give specific examples supporting alleged copyright violations, I will assume there are no valid reason to accuse me of such. I am aware that SOSEN Staff have previously committed copyright violations numerous times in the past several years, Along with committing untold slander and libel repeatedly. Is the SOSEN Bounty still on "tsand's" head, the one made by your staff member under YOUR watch as CEO? You think such nonsense is legal, guess again. You may point all the fingers you want at me but I will not be silenced. You are guilty of bashing victims, Libel & slander, Cyber stalking, Engaging in illegal vigilante tactics, Signing a stupid petition along side of PEDOPHILES, Aligning with known pedophiles in order to try and abolish the SOR.. You and your ilk stole SOSEN from Shirley Lowry, ETC ETC. You want to sue me, Go right ahead. I'll be posting the depositions I do on you and your ilk, On the web for all to see. I will expose you for the fraud you are, under oath. Now if you want me for an ally, you will need to come clean and start over and take your name off the RSOL Petition and quit associating with the pedo activists. You will need to start working on "solutions" and stop spreading lies! You believe the SOR should be abolished and yet you provide no VALID reasoning of how children will be safe guarded if the SOR were ever abolished. I've repeatedly asked how abolishing the SOR will protect children, and you & your fellow activists ignore these serious questions! How in the world do you or SOSEN expect to be taken seriously after all the crap you've pulled and continue to do? SOSEN once was "credible" but no longer. Never ever an admittance of any wrongdoing. I read recently where Cheryl was telling others I work with the antis. That is not true. Ya'll accused me of telling AZU about Jim Freeman's arrest. I did not do that either. I get accused of a lot of stuff that is not true. I was the one who told Jackie Sparling that SoRoarFul had posted SOSEN Staff info elsewhere. Guess what it cost me, I got "banned" from SOSEN forum as a result! I did not know or have any idea the antis had infiltrated SOSEN & I was monitoring most of the anti websites at the time and happened upon this information. You want to sue me, go ahead, I would welcome it because I have a lot of unanswered questions that would finally get ANSWERED in a lawsuit! Until SOSEN gets it act together, I will continue to expose your lies. Count on it. I have a constitutional free speech right under the Fair Use Doctrine to speak out against corruption. You don't like it, to bad. The CC to the FDLE does not scare me either, as they are well aware of SOSEN's evil twisted agenda! Either get right or buzz off.<

Linda, either step up or shut up cause I refuse to shut up & you will never shut me up. I will double my efforts to inform the world and expose SOSEN for the frauds you are! Your "I want" attitude will get you nowhere. Get used to it!

Note: I am closing off comments to everyone except to Linda, Whom may post as long as she stays on topic and civil regarding this subject. I doubt she will respond but here is her chance.

SOR-Sex Offender Restrictions
SOSEN-Sex Offender Solutions & Education Network
FDLE-Florida Dept Of Law Enforcement

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