Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stupid is as stupid does


Lauren Book endured years of child abuse. She has become an advocate for abused children. Lauren has recently made several startling comments re the sexual predators living under the Miami Julia Tuttle Bridge. She has expressed "sympathy" and concern about their predicament. Obviously, Lauren is not carrying any kind of deep seeded hatred against "all" the sexual predators out there. She believes otherwise:

"Lauren Book, 24, now realizes that forcing predators to live in inhumane conditions will not protect children; in fact, she fears it may do the opposite. " ``It's a terrible situation under there, it is awful,'' she admits. ``I don't think them living under a bridge or absconding keeps children safe. I don't want them so desperate that they go out and find a child.''

One would think the activist groups like SOSEN would be jumping for joy, happy to gain such an "ally" like Lauren but unbelievably, the opposite has occurred, These activists like ravenous wolves, have repeatedly attacked her character. The "anonymous" cowardly comments left at the Miami Herald newspaper about Lauren, are shameful! Other SOSEN activists like Zman and Derek Logue aka "FallenOne", have attacked Lauren elsewhere and it is beyond shameful . Lets look at some Herald comments "about Lauren":

Ms. Book is acting out of vengeance - not altruisim. She is causing harm, not preventing it.

Lauren may not be "hiding' behind an anonymous name, but she is hiding behind the name 'victim' to justify a very horrendous result of her 'good deeds'. She has transitioned from 'victim' to 'victimizer'.

Lauren like her father Ron lives in a world of hate and channels that into being a cheerleader for human rights abuse.

Why she didn't tell her dad is beyond me, confused little girl she was and still is, first you destroy there lives and now you want help them...?

Several comments were removed because they were extremely abusive! Here is Derek Logue's Twitter page, Yes, using Twitter to slander Lauren:


Have these SOSEN activists no shame? Attacking a victim and yet think they are helping the Julia Tuttle offenders by "bashing" Lauren Book? My great uncle was right, "stupid is as stupid does"! Hopefully, Ron Book will file a defamation lawsuit against these bastards. They must and will be silenced! Count on it.


SOSEN-Sex Offender Solutions & Education Network

How is "bashing" a SOLUTION?

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