Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why is SOSEN hiding the "RSOL"?

Message from the Web Development Team (SOSEN)

From 2 Oct 2009 to 5 Oct 2009 the website will be undergoing a few changes as we work to improve the foundation of the site and set the stage for changes that will be coming in 2010.

And "change" they did because there are now no links anywhere on the Sosen website about the Reform sex Offender Laws pedophile infested activist group and why is that? Did Sosen finally wise up and realize hanging around known pedophiles was a bad idea? Nope! I suspect all RSOL links were hidden due mainly to the negative heatwave that has hit Sosen this year & the sosenites are trying to "hide" the fact that they work hand in hand with true pedophiles who fervently seek to abolish any and all sex offender restrictions, In order to freely molest young children sexually. And yet the SOSEN CEO Linda Pehrson & her pet assistant, Mary Duval, Have signed the RSOL PETITION seeking to abolish all sexual predator restrictions! Interesting in that Sosen will remove RSOL links from their website but not their signatures on a PEDOPHILE petition. Have you people no shame? Nope!

Here is where you can read about the Sosen secret agenda & their association with the RSOL:


Sosen-Sex Offender Solutions & Education Network
RSOL-Reform Sex Offender Laws

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