Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tall Tale No. 00116

JOSH´S SAD STORY: Caged Like An Animal By Dr. David Shields Posted on 23.09.2009

It's a long whiny woe is me story, So I will post only two shorts sections that are the humdinger. You can read the whole sordid tall tale at the link above:

"He is a child of the computer age having first been introduced to them at age 2 and by age 3 had his first computer. As each new generation of computer was released he received one. He had virtually unlimited computer and later internet access throughout his childhood and adolescence. Near totally oblivious to the tremendous risks this new technology presented, his parents provided little computer supervision and even fewer computer safeguards. The stage for disaster was set.
At age 10 Joshua stumbled across internet pornography and sadly he joined the rapidly growing ranks of countless other internet pornography viewing child victims. By his early teens he began viewing peer pornography that is viewing adolescents of his own age. In doing so he was progressively sucked deeper into the cesspool of what is to mature adults, child pornography.

Obviously Joshua was born with a silver spoon in his mouth; his parents gave him everything, even a computer at age 3. His parents provided very little adult computer supervision. Can you imagine the disaster placed before a young child here? Unlimited computer access. Viewing "child porn" at age ten. It continued on and on.

Joshua's Daddy wrote up this sordid tale as his son told it. Josh was sentenced to 8 years in prison this year! You'd think Daddy would blame himself but looky here and see who he blames:

An obscene perversion of justice had been completed. The same federal justice system that had so grossly failed in their sworn duty to protect him when as a child and adolescence he had access to these illegal internet materials had now succeeded in his destruction.

Hey stupid, its the parent's job to protect the child! You gave him ACCESS to the internet. Both you and your wife are at fault here! You failed in your fatherly role as a fucked up parent to supervise a child on a computer you gave him & yet you cast the blame on the government? Why weren't you arrested for child abuse? You run over to the RSOL crying a sordid tale & point accusatory fingers elsewhere. Maybe SOSEN CEO Mary Duval told you that child porn was a "victimless" crime & you believed it. The judge gave you 8 reasons why it is serious ! Could it be you think CP is harmless? Own up & admit you screwed up as a parent, dude.

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