Sunday, October 4, 2009

SOSEN "mule" train

I'm reading disturbing info elsewhere that states Sohopeful and SOSEN were originally setup by the NAMBLA pedo freaks as "branch offices". To recruit mainly women-wife's, mothers etc, of registered sex offenders, as mules in order to help these pedophiles achieve their sickly goal of trying to get the SOR (sex offender restrictions) overturned. Now, whether it is true or not, it is plausible that this could really be true. Here are some comments supporting this:

I always believed that the RSOL was formed because NAMBLA was an all boys club and they wanted to expand it to include the pedophiles with female victims as well. The registry was actually helpful to them because the computer literate pedos, who were online trading pornography and working on perfecting the rhetoric, were able to have an online list of freshly convicted offenders who were vulnerable and willing to learn. Of course, we can only assume that California prohibits offenders on the registry from accessing the registry for this reason. As you well know SOhopeful and then SOSEN were created as their branch offices. It worked out nicely because they recruited mules (women married to RSOs) to help carry out their mission by delivering their message. It's just another form of exploitation.


Nambla wanted to be accepted mainstream. They thought they could use the mules to get there. They didn't realize that saying the same thing whether you're Bill Andriette, Tom Reeves, Daniel Tsang, Richard Pillard, Jerome Miller, Paul Shannon or Jackie Sparling, Mary Duval or Linda Pehrson is exactly that. Saying the same thing. And in the case of these enabling uglyass women it's even more distasteful. Unless they are also pedophiles, they should know better than to behave this way. I can only assume that now that these dumb ducks have been educated that they are advocating on behalf of a pedophile agenda and they continue to advocate on behalf of that pedophile agenda that they are also doing it deliberately, deviously and with malice aforethought.


I can assure you that there are still some people left in SOSEN that WILL NOT believe they are supporting a pedo agenda. It's called "denial". The pedos know they are vulnerable and take advantage of them. Who else can they possibly join forces with now that the gays don't accept them? SOSEN people are just as dumb and blind as the SOhopefulers - as if it wasn't obvious Mystik was advocating for the rights of the greatest pedos.

I stockpile a lot of info and these statements reminded me of something posted at the pedophile den-NEWGON. I quote in part about using women as the "mules" to get their pro pedophile message out to the general public:

The other item on the table is to form groups composed of wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, girlfriends, and any other female related or in relationship with a person on the registry. These local bands of women will work in their own community to bring the message of change and stand ready to
coalesce when the need to bring the impact of persons not on the registry and impacted by the registry to the attention of the general public or specific individuals.

So, There you have it folks, decide for yourselves.

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