Friday, October 9, 2009


Being famous has nothing to do with it

Somebody please help me with this. Obviously, I'm missing something.

So we've got a 43-year-old man who takes a 13-year-old girl into a hot tub. According to the girl, this is what follows: He gives her part of a Quaalude and some champagne. He gets into the hot tub, naked. She flees to a bedroom. He follows. He puts his mouth to her vagina. He removes her panties. He asks if she is on the pill. She is not, and he asks if she wants him to penetrate her anally instead. She says no. He does anyway. During all this, she's begging him to stop.

An arrest, 31 years later

In court, he admits to having sex with the child. He admits he knew she was 13. He is indicted on six charges. To spare the child the pain of testifying, the DA agrees to let him plead guilty on a single lesser charge. The man spends 42 days behind bars for pre-sentencing diagnostic tests. In 1978, on the eve of his actual sentencing, he flees the country and returns to his native France. He is finally arrested 31 years later.

And the Sosenites quietly sit by...never a word of sympathy for the "victim"..A brutal evil crime being ignored by these sex offender activists who want to abolish all sex offender restrictions because they say predators deserve a "second chance". Has SOSEN no shame? Nope. What is the Sosen "solution" here...Let us ignore this wicked brutal crime!


SOSEN-Sex Offender Solutions & Education Network

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