Saturday, October 3, 2009

Victim Bashing-Zman caught again!

Yep, my retarded brother is bashing another victim, this time it is Lauren Book. I was looking through his trashy blog and saw it with my own eyes! Gag. Mikey thinks if a sexual abuse victim doesn't get over the abuse QUICKLY and move on, The victim then becomes a "professional" victim! Mikey just does not understand how these bashing comments are so degrading & shitty & "unprofessional".

Mike (Zman) Gregg is a professional victim basher. He is a veteran victim basher! Not his first time bashing either.

Mikey needs a tit to suck on to get his obsessive mind off of bashing poor defenseless victims who don't deserve such abuse from a paranoid registered sex offender like Mikey. Hey Linda (SOSEN CEO) Pherson, Can Mikey borrow one of your tits?

Linda loves Zman's blog. This is the kind of fool Linda hangs out with-a victim basher! No wonder SOSEN has no credibility!

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