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Open letter to Ron Book

Mr Book, (All links at bottom of page)

I just finished listening to the Americans Reality Check radio program where you were recently a guest on 7/2/09. I found you to be extremely informative and well balanced regarding the Julia Tuttle Bridge situation involving the sex offenders living under this bridge. I do not blame YOU in any way because I do not believe you are responsible for these offenders being placed to live under the bridge. I agree that the FDOC/Governor Crist, are mainly to blame and also these sex offenders, Whom had they not violated these criminal laws, Would not in fact be registered sex offenders. They made a choice to molest their victims regardless of the consequences.

I appreciate the fact that the Homeless Trust is diligently trying to find these offenders better living conditions. I hear you recently found "8" new locations but are being met with resistance by these offenders and even those offenders who own vehicles and could travel further distances to relocate. I really see no real legit reason why an offender would want to refuse better housing that would move them out from a dreadful life under a bridge! It really is senseless to refuse. Maybe they have a trust issue with you or the Homeless Trust, but I think the problem goes much deeper and is one that you are not aware of, that in fact, These bridge sex offenders are being used as "pawns" to achieve another goal-trying to overturn the Florida residency restriction laws.

It is my firm belief that the sex offender advocacy/activist group called SOSEN (Sex Offender Support & Education Network) are the main force behind this scheme. "Mary Duval" is the SOSEN COO, to whom you know and have spoken with before. Are you aware that SOSEN and most of its members support abolishing ALL sex offender laws/restrictions? Are you aware of a activist group called RSOL/Reform Sex Offender Laws? Are you aware that the RSOL has connections to a pro pedophile group called NAMBLA/North American Man-Boy Love Association? Are you aware that Mary and other SOSEN members have signed the RSOL PETITION seeking to abolish these restrictions? Are you aware that pro pedo NAMBLA members have signed said petition? Are you aware that SOSEN has long been accused of coddling (pooling resources) with these pedophiles? They deny it but why are they aligning themselves with known pedophiles? Are you aware that these pedo's are members at such pro pedo groups like "boychat & girlchat? I think you are not aware because people like Mary Duval have duped you into believing they really give a shit about protecting the children whereas they do not!

If you dig through and read my blog, you will see I strongly OPPOSE these sex offender/activists aligning with the RSOL which has strong connections to NAMBLA.

I was once a SOSEN member but they kicked me because I oppose working with known pedophiles. I am also a registered Florida sex offender arrested in 1989, Convicted in 1993. I have NOT recommitted another sex crime since. I spent over (5) years in private therapy at my expense and I can attest that SO therapy does in fact work if the offender is willing to change. I was willing and realized I had a serious problem that I could not overcome alone.

As a Florida sex offender, I find the SO residency laws to be ineffective. I am a firm believer in the original intent of what Megan's Law was designed for, To have a registry of the worse of the worse sex offenders/predators. I thinking lumping ALL sex offenders under a SO registry, is destructive and again, ineffective. I believe Florida needs a tier assessment rating in order to better protect defenseless victims. I don't think all offenders qualify as a direct threat to society or deserve to be placed on a SO registry for "life". I think that the Florida Government dropped the ball long ago and have used sex offenders as pawns in order to get re elected. I agree with your opinions that these laws must benefit defenseless children first and foremost. I do believe the bridge offenders are more likely to re offend mainly due to the stress and hardships of living in such dreadful conditions. I think they should be moved out immediately into a stable environment. I think Charlie Crist needs to get off his fucking ass and act NOW! I realize you cannot force these offenders to move and I hope you keep trying but I think it is futile in the long run they will not willingly move out. Mary Duval is the bridge dwellers official "spokesperson" and maybe you could ask her WHY she isn't encouraging these offenders to relocate? I'd sure like to know!

If you read the comments being posted at the Miami Herald newspaper website (see link below), you will read where these SO advocates are casting all the blame upon your head. You are the "scape goat" who is to blame for these bridge dwellers! I disagree because these offenders freely chose to commit these illegal crimes. I have posted numerous comments at the Miami herald under the name of this blog as well.

Again, I wanted to make you aware of SOSEN's connections with the RSOL & NAMBLA and to make you aware that you are being used as a "pawn" in order to achieve their dangerous goals of trying to overturn SO residency laws that will in fact, only hurt more children in the long run! Read the RSOL Petition and research who the "signers" are.

Please keep up the good work your doing with the Homeless Trust. Thank you. Feel free to contact me anytime!



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