Wednesday, January 6, 2010

SOSEN Twilight Series PART 6

Mary Duval Blackman aka "Tikibug" "Buckjaw"

BJ is the SOSEN COO (Chief Operations Officer) The second in command. BJ is a signer of the Reform Sex Offender Laws (RSOL) Petition seeking to ABOLISH all
sex offender laws that restrict sex offenders from harming children! BJ's son is a convicted sex offender. BJ is an
avid supporter & member at BOY CHAT, A den full of
known pedophiles who want more than anything but to
sexually abuse YOUR children! Mary joined Boy Chat in
2008. Read BJ's plead to ally with these pedophiles in
an attempt to get them to join with her with her in her
fight to get her son off the sex offender registry:

Caution: Do NOT join this pedophile forum because it is
regularly monitored by Law Enforcement!!!

Re: Is Ricky Really a Sex Offender?

Posted by Rickymom on 2008-March-11 13:02:58, Tuesday
In reply to Is Ricky Really a Sex Offender? posted by newshound on 2008-February-25 02:14:43, Monday

I am Ricky's mom. Thank you for posting this here. Please folks share this article with other teens, your children, schools, news stations, radio stations, legislators anyone you can think of..all message baords you visit...we must fight to save Rickys future and those of thousands of young men across this country whoch are becoming sacrificial lambs for our over zealous government and offender laws. Help me save Ricky life write me at: or contact my legislators in Oklahoma Gus Blackwell, John Auffet, Jim Wilson as well as Keith Kreiman of Iowa. We must get Ricky's story out there in the public eye so legislators will have to look and fix this law and pass Romeo and Juliet laws for consensual sex. I am creating a site for Ricky called "Free Ricky here: send folks here I need letters to legislators to take in May when I meet with them. Thank you all please educate your children do not let them be subjected to a horrendous life altering law. Also you can read Ricky's full story at : http://www.ethicaltrexatmxent.oxrg/mary.htm "

I inserted "x" into the links for your safety.

Buckjaw knows it is wrong to mingle with pedophiles!
SOSEN has stated it does not associate or work along
side of pedophiles. Click the link below and scroll down
to the bottom of page, SOSEN States its members are
NOT to associate with pedophiles:

Buckjaw, Second in command at SOSEN did it! SOSEN
spreads propaganda about how the want children protected from pedophile sexual predators but that is just
a "front" in an attempt to have sex offender laws abolished!

By the way, Bj's son raped a child TWICE. BJ swears he is not a "danger" to society but I beg to differ!




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  1. That's an ugly picture and all, but why do you post it without evidence linking it to identity and when it is irrelevant what people look like so much as what they are espousing.

    Surely you wouldn't just go up to a random person on the street looking like this and hassle them for it, so why not simply criticize their words?


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