Saturday, January 2, 2010

Twilight Series PART "2"

Jacqueline "Jackie" Sparling is a SOSEN Staff Member.
Weighing in at 400 lbs, The largest bigfatmouth SOSEN has ever hooked! Jackie is not a registered sex offender but her husband "Donald Sparling" is, one of the worse of the worse sexual predators out there.

Is Donald active at SOSEN? No because he presently resides in prison serving a long long sentence! His crime,
is horrific:

Police were still trying yesterday to track down a 13-year-old Wisconsin girl who they said was lured over the Internet to come to Long Island to become a "sex slave."

The teen never came, but cops are convinced that Donald Sparling, 50, of Islip Terrace, did his utmost to get her to New York. Detectives arrested the appliance repairman this week after they searched his home and found the receipt for a September ticket to fly her to Long Island.

Sparling and his alleged secret lover, James Teal, 38, of East Northport, had numerous Internet chats with the girl, Suffolk County Detective Sgt. John Cowie said.

"They wanted to make her their sex slave," said Cowie, an investigator in the cops' computer crimes section. "Sparling actually wanted to impregnate her so he could have his own child.

Detective Cowie said Teal and Sparling met in a "fetish chat room" on the Internet last summer and started having sex.

Both men are in Suffolk County Jail in Riverhead; Teal on $100,000 cash bail and Sparling on $500,000. Teal is charged with sodomy and use of a child in a sexual performance. Sparling is charged with possession of child pornography and conspiracy.

Did Jackie do the wise thing and divorce this loser? She rather came to his defense!

"I don't believe he committed a crime," she said. "I don't think he's an evil man."


"Sparling's wife of two years, Jackie, whom he met on the Internet, said, "It's all going to come out positive in the end. What's being portrayed so far in the media is not my husband."

Positive but not in the way Jackie hoped for! Donald was sentenced to a long prison term. Donald the homosexual adulterer, Child porn user, Trying to abduct a child for a sex slave and yet, Jackie stands by her man. Isn't that just sicko? Jackie knows this bastard is guilty but refuses to discard this piece of shit scum who ought to rot in prison!

Jackie is a sex offender advocate-fighting for the "rights" of scum like here husband. Read her own schemes here:

My husband is the SO in my family. Still serving time. Yet, I know that the only way to reach the public and gain ANY KIND OF SYMPATHY/COMPASSION from them is by going through our young people. I know that in the end my husband and every other adult RSO will benefit from the work we do now, using the Romeo and Juliet cases as our soapbox. If you think you will get people to listen to your story and care without SYMPATHY and COMPASSION, you aren't living in the real world. I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound harsh, but I am one to put it like it is. We can't possibly get them to listen if we can't get them to "feel" to "CARE".

Whatever works, people, whatever works. That's ALL I care about at this point in time.

Why would society want to have ANY sympathy for a crazed sexual predator like Donald Sparling? Senseless. Read more of whom Jackie "approves" of joining with her to fight sex offender laws:

"The sex offender laws affect ALL sex offenders. We all know that. Therefore whether you or your loved one was charged with child porn, got caught in a Romeo/Juliet type situation, or was charged with sexual assault/rape doesn't even come into play with our organization."

Wow! Does it get any worse with Jackie, of course because she is a signer of the RSOL Petition to abolish sex offender laws:

Jackie was sexually abused at a very young age. Abused by her homo sicko husband and yet she advocates for sexual perverts! What the fuck is wrong with Ms Bigfatmouth?

She got that nickname because they say when she sticks her "tongue" out, it looks like 20 lbs of red mushy fat! I heard she sat on a guy's lap & broke his pelvis and
squashed his lil pee wee :-)

Jackie Sparling needs to wise up & stand up for the defenseless children like the 13 yr old her husband tried to abduct as a sex slave. This is the dangerous kind of sex offender advocate that needs to be locked up with her husband!

Jackie, A proud SOSEN member in "good standing". Gag.


Sosen-Sex Offender Solutions & Education Network

RSOL-Reform Sex Offender Laws

NY Daily News

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