Monday, January 4, 2010

SOSEN Twilight Series PART "4"

Linda L. Pehrson, aka Linda Contildes

She is the President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Trustees for SOSEN, and belongs to many other groups which share the same goal to either abolish or change sex offender registration laws. Her husband is a sex offender who "raped" Linda's young daughter!

In 2008, Sosen imploded within Sosen Staff. Cat fights left & right! Really a bunch of silly little nonsense stuff they were fighting over. 4 yr olds at kindergarten behave better than these Sosen clowns did!

One of these Sosen Members "Equal Justice",
Cheryl Griffiths,who was at the time, Had just resigned as Sosen's COO second in command at Sosen, because of the infighting. At the following link, you will read untold comments made by Sosen Staff. This info was supposedly leaked out by a teed off Staff member & republished elsewhere. Let us read what EJ had to say:

equal justice

Well I THOUGHT I knew you, it turns out I did not. The reason you kicked me out of the forum yesterday is simply because you kept deleting my resignation post and I kept putting it back. Thats it, thats all.
YOU left Lets and Flower girls garbage on the forum and REFUSED to tell them to stop. REFUSED! I begged and Begged. You refused.
The only reason I engaged Stitches at SOA was because they attacked SOSEN and YOU. You also know that. You were also there.
Thing is, Stitches would have chewed you up and spit you out. She couldnt do that to me. As usual, I was left to do the dirty work.
Sure, I could have let it stand that SOSEN is run by a CEO that ""wants to get rid of the age of consent so that pedophile could have sex with childen. I could have left it go on an RSO site that SOSEN supports NAMBLA."" But I STAND UP FOR PEOPLE I CARE ABOUT~
You thanked me for being the only one to stand up for you. But you could not put down just a few freaking words in my defense. NOT EVEN 2 damned sentences.
I posted in a topic called CONVERSATION VS CONFRONTATION


"that SOSEN is run by a CEO that ""wants to get rid of the age of consent so that pedophile could have sex with childen. I could have left it go on an RSO site that SOSEN supports NAMBLA."

The Sosen Chief Executive Officer (Linda Pherson) supports "NAMBLA" aka North America Man-Boy Love Association! This is a pro pedophile organization!

Lets read what Sosen's "official" opinion is re NAMBLA: (Scroll down to bottom of page)


Opinions posted, stated, or linked by members on SOSEN, activities outside of SOSEN, and opinions thus expressed do not represent the opinions of SOSEN. SOSEN encourages debate, discussion, and communication on a wide variety of topics, and does its best to attempt to maintain civility on any given post, however, it does not coerce its members into following a single view.

SOSEN is committed to promoting public safety and community awareness. All members of SOSEN have agreed to abstain from any activity that is not consistent with the organization's goals. This requires that any person who is a member of SOSEN will in no way affilliate him/herself with any organization, including but not limited to NAMBLA, Boy Chat, Girl Chat, which promotes inappropriate sexual behavior. Any person who has information that suggests a member of SOSEN is engaged in inappropriate conduct should notify SOSEN staff immediately.

Is Sosen really a pedophile front set up by pedophiles? It would seem so because Linda Pehrson is still the Sosen CEO. Plenty of Sosen Staff have signed the RSOL petition,
Jackie Sparling, Cheryl Griffiths, Derek Logue, etc.

Read below Sosen's Mission Statement:

SOSEN now stands as a leader in the fight to reform counterproductive sex-offender laws, education, and support. Through the many changes in the organization, the mission of SOSEN has not changed; EDUCATION and PREVENTION are the keys to successfully dealing with the unpleasant subject of sex offenses.

Prevention? That is not a NAMBLA goal! Why haven't the lowly Sosen members kicked Linda and her ilk out, Cause these idiots CONTROL Sosen, They have banned 100's of members who have opposed the Sosen pro pedophile agenda!

By the way, That is a true photo of Linda. I think it was taken at a Weigh Watchers meeting, trying to justify that
lard was good for her big whale of a body, She is pissed that the skinny people don't agreed with her! Hahaha.

RSOL-Reform Sex Offender Laws pedo den of thugs!

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