Sunday, January 3, 2010

Voice of Unreason

A cowardly Australian pedophile is begging I answer
some questions he has posed for me, specifically because I support most of the goals over at:

This pedophile's web name is " Voice of Unreason". He refuses to post his real name because he engages in
illegal activity with defenseless lil children! Sooner or later, The law will catch up to him. Wait and see. This pedo is good friends with that sex offender advocate, Derek Logue, A dangerous registered sex offender who enjoys calling his 11 yr old victim a "lolita". It figures &
isn't it obvious, "birds of a same feather, flock together!

Okay, here are his questions:

AZU support publicly accessible registers of sex offenders in order for people to be able to identify the sex offenders in their community. My question to you:

* Do you support AZU's position on this?

Yes, to a certain extent but if the offender seeks proper mental help & has not re offended in say 10 years, then remove them to a law enforcement only website. If the offender's offense was violent in nature, lock em up or execute them. People like Derek-who call their victims bad names, it only shows that he is not rehabilitated & he should remain on the sex offender registry for life. We need to know about people "like" him. Sorry Derek!

The more balanced members of AZU advocate that paedophiles and child sex offenders should commit suicide. My question to you:

* Do you support AZU's position on this?

If the pedophile wasn't able to turn himself in a mental hospital or to the police beforehand, Yes, suicide would be the honorably option to peruse. I think there would be less spitting at his grave-site knowing the pedo took his own life before sexually abusing a child. I know I would spit less for him!

AZU support a 'one strike' policy whereby all convicted sex offenders are permanently locked up following their first conviction. Further, they support mandatory civil confinement for any non-offenders with a paedophilic or hebephilic sexual orientation or anyone who supports them. My question to you are:

* Do you support AZU's position on this?

Yes. It would cut out re offenses of sex crimes. Of course, One strike laws wouldn't be needed for rapists who kidnap or murder a victim because we would execute these sicko's! A long torturous death on a anthill :-). Civil confinement for those who've yet to commit a crime...ship them to Australia!

I hope I was able to sit your mind at ease, Voice of Unreason.If you need some ideas on how to commit "suicide", just google it or ask Derek!


  1. Actually we need to know about certain Floridiots who used a dead little girl as an avatar. People who do that show people they are highly at risk to re-offend. You're really fitting in good with the cunts at AZU!

  2. PS: Since you are a high risk sex offender, take your own advice and go kill yourself, you sick son of a bitch!

  3. Derek (WARPED OHIO) Logue said:

    "who used a dead little girl as an avatar. People who do that show people they are highly at risk to re-offend."

    You know what a "hypocrite" looks like, go look in the mirror!

    BEFORE you fell away to your pro pedophile boy love thinking recently, YOU loved that I posted the avatar, why you even LINKED my blog to your blog! NEVER did you ever object to the photo in question.

    SO according to your new found "LOGIC", that means YOU ARE A high risk to re offend, to society! Hey you can't point your dirty finger at others without being guilty yourself!

    YOUR AVATAR is a photo of a lady who was "raped" once. She objects but you just laugh your silly ole head off. So go look in the mirror and see the monster you have become!


  4. Derek, you can pull your panties up now, the spanking is over until your next screw up!



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