Monday, January 4, 2010

SOSEN Twilight Series PART "3"

Johnny Ray Lee

What can be done to help protect children from such violence? The answer may not be long prison sentences, not is it all the other knee-jerk legislation being proposed. The answer is simple, Parental responsibility and education."

So said Johnny Ray. He was SOSEN's Media Director shortly after his release from prison:

"Johnny was convicted in Wisconsin on charges of sexually assaulting two 10 year old boys. He plead guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for the dismissal of 13 of his 15 charges. Johnny was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 10 years probation to be followed by registration as a sex offender. Johnny was released from prison after just 6 years, but 2 years later he had been jailed again twice for violating his parole. One of those violations was for possession of child pornography."

Johnny Ray immediately returned to grooming young boys after getting out of prison:

After his release from prison Johnny moved to North Carolina and became active on the internet. He set up blogs and posted images of young boys. He listed his occupation as a counselor, his age as 24, and his interest as ‘Bisexual Teens”."

Then he got involved with sex offender activism at SOSEN and other sex offender advocacy groups:

As part of his activism he joined SOSEN and took on leadership roles as the Media Director and Moderator of the Wisconsin and North Carolina branches. Next he joined Roar for Freedom and quickly became their Public Relations Director. He advocated for maintaining close ties with other sex offender advocacy groups, including SOhopeful and SOclear He began to speak out within his community, going so far as to approach parents in restaurants condemning their behavior with their own children while claiming that they as parents were more likely to molest their own children than was a registered sex offender."

Johnny Ray was out of control-he could/would not try to control his pedophilia urges:

Johnny states that he was diagnosed with pedophilia but claims that it is something impossible to control. “On the subject of Pedo vs Hebo. I was diagnosed in 1994 as being a Pedophile, even though I am attracted to males... normally 11-14.”"

What eventually happened to Johnny Ray? Yep, its not hard to figure out:

Johnny won’t be returning to Roar or Sosen anytime soon as he just received a 35 year prison sentence. Authorities say that Johnny immediately began trafficking child pornography in 2004 upon his return to North Carolina."

That means Johnny Ray was engaging in ILLEGAL activity involving children while on Sosen Staff! When arrested, his fellow advocates came to his defense! Never ever did SOSEN rise up and CONDEMN his ongoing crimes. Sosen "quietly" slept his arrest and conviction under the carpet. Child porn is not a victimless crime but does Sosen give a crap? Not in the least!

Johnny Ray is typical of what kind of individual SOSEN will let join their organization & became a staff member!

Credits: offender Solutions & Education Network

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