Saturday, January 16, 2010

SOSEN Twilight Series PART 8

"Is "returning the registry to its original intent" our stated goal while our secret goal is the abolition of the registry?"

Lee Lee Lawless

Mother of a dangerous registered sex offender. A proud longtime SOSEN Staff member. Lee says her son is one of those Romeo & Juliet offenders who poses no threat to society, but:

She spreads her message that her son was convicted at the age of 18 only for consensual sex with a 13 year old girlfriend and condemns young girls for being "sleezy" when men exploit them. She fails to mention her sons other charges included distribution of marijuana, possession of cocaine and contributing to the deliquency. She claims he doesn't even have a problem at all, except for sex offender laws. Her son received a 20 year prison sentence but was released after only 2 years, within 3 months he had violated his conditions by attempting to contact his victims, using drugs and maintaining a MySpace on which he befriended 16 and 17 year old girls.

A "5 year" age difference does not qualify as a Romeo sex crime. Her son became a child rapist when he turned "18". Lee Lee is misguided in her bias that her son is the victim, not the 13 yr old girl! Lets read some of her excuses when it comes to her "son":

Met with PO today. He hasn't gotten the SO eval back yet but talked to the psychologist. This Dr. xxxx character is putting Kenneth in an SO treatment group. I absolutely lost it. "

"These girls were HIGHLY dysfunctional. However, it was ALL THEM! They were the ones lying and enticing unwitting guys."

"Kenneth doesn't have any therapy or anything to do because he DOESN'T HAVE A PROBLEM other than the damn probation and SO laws!"

"Kenneth pushes limits and always has."

Read where she admits she neglects her other children:

Kids? What kids? My girls ask why I never put the computer down - my husband says he's going to put my picture on the back of the laptop so he can remember what I look like. I stopped fixing a family dinner a year ago. My sister had to take one daughter the other night because she had a mid-term, and I couldn't take the time to help her study because I had to prepare testimony for 4 bills, and my husband had to work. My youngest was just diagnosed with Asperger's, ADHD, and Sensory Integration Disorder as part of her triennial valuation, and I haven't had time to follow up on it. Well, not really "diagnosed" - it's just the school assessment, but I knew it already (being that my former life was assessment of kids ...). There are dust ELEPHANTS in my house which is just generally a complete disaster. I'm a bad, very bad, mother.

More on Lee Lee Lawless:

Lelia-Anne Lawless, aka "Lee Lee Lawless", aka "gratefulhoo", "rukidding", or "mywhozit", is the mother of a Registered Sex Offender, and an anti-sex offender law activist both online and in the community. "Lee Lee" is a staff member of Sosen and a valued member of other activists groups including Roar for Freedom, SOclear, the now defunct SOhopeful, and Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign for which she heads up the Virginia state group. The RSOL Campaign which is attempting to gain support for removing almost all restrictions and penalties for sex offenders along with abolishing age of consent laws for prepubescent children is affiliated with SOclear and B4U-ACT, an organization owned by Michael Melsheimer aka "Lek", member of BoyChat and well known pedophile activist.

Yep, She is another RSOL supporter, A group that has pedophiles as "members". It figures! Lee Lee will work along side of pedophiles in her quest to get her "victim" son OFF the registry. Senseless. A mother in denial!

Kenneth Hamilton: Registered Sex Offender


  1. I know you won't let this post, and that's alright, it isn't necessary. But if you are going to title your blog, "ROAR for TRUTH" you might want to make sure that's what you are telling.

    Ms. Lawless is NOT the head of the Virginia RSOL chapter, and hasn't been for a very long time, IF she ever was.

    Thanks for the Melsheimer information. Now I can finish my own investigation into RSOL's connection, IF ANY, with NAMBLA or BoyChat. This is one thing you are correct about, there is a connection, I just haven't been able to find out who. Alex Marbury? Is HE "Lek"? No one knows who he is, not even the members of the administrative team. I severed all ties with them months ago, and had my name removed from the list. Where there's smoke there's fire, and this one is in full blaze.

  2. Seems odd that the RSOL refuses to reveal true identities of who they are & what they really advocate.


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