Friday, January 8, 2010

Sosen advocates making stupid comments!

Clad in a thin hooded sweat shirt, Terry Norton trembles uncontrollably behind the wheel of his beat up Chevy.

His gas tank is empty, but he can't muster the strength to walk the two miles to buy fuel. With South Florida in the grip of a record-setting cold snap, he and other sex offenders and predators who live under the Julia Tuttle Causeway huddle in their cars, nylon tents and wooden shacks.


from 34 to 70 sex predators and offenders still live under or near the bridge. Ron Book has placed 40-45 of them so far, and he says his agency will continue its effort.

The remaining offenders are the "hard core" individuals who want to stay & live under the bridge. They want to bitch and moan rather get off their bum asses & work for a living...aka pay rent!

How many offenders has SOSEN relocated? None! But they continue to bash Ron Book of the Homeless Trust, as if it were his fault these predators are freezing. Lets look at some of their stupid comments they left re this news article:

City of Miami and Ron Book, apparently want all sex offenders to die in the cold!"

"This homelessness IS a direct result of Ron Book's campaign to establish the 2,500 ft form everything. In it's "effect" it IS BANISHMENT! No doubt about it!"

"Book put them there with his big push for the 2,500 ft restrictions from everything. "

"Again, Ron Book continues to lie to us."

SOSEN gamer blamers! Mr Book has relocated 40+ offenders but we never hear SOSEN saying "great job" to Ron Book. SOSEN idiots at work here!

Do I want one of these offenders to freeze to death? Nope. I want them relocate & be productive citizens, get a job, get a real life but I do not and will not support bums who sit on their ass & complain!

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