Tuesday, January 5, 2010

SOSEN Twilight Series PART 5

Rodney Gene Wagner - aka linda4justice, letsgetreal50, Linda Wagner - staff member of SOSEN - Lewd Or Indecent Proposals/Acts To Child.

The photo on the right, is "Linda Wagner", his cat's name. Rodney is another out of control SOSEN activist who he thinks should not be a registered sex offender because he is not a danger to society, So he says, but is this true?

What would you think if this sex offender was emailing nude photographs of a little boy, To his other sex offender friends at SOSEN? Would you think it was appropriate?
Would you believe Rod when he said he was not a danger to society? Rod proves otherwise:


Subject: SOSEN Contact Staff - Other_Subject

Becoming a member of that site, was the first time, I have even been involved in an online talk group. This person acted as their Legal advisor and we talked a few times on line in the Forum, I started thinking He was an OK guy! Then the shit hit the fan!

Well, today, as I was checking my Yahoo account, I received an e-mail from Letgetreal. The first this that jumped out at me was a small picture of what appeared to be a small naked baby boy sitting in a tub »>I know the picture was part of a joke, YET still, the perception could be turned around as a weapon against the person sending it and the person that opened it.

SOSEN CEO Linda Pehrson aka "Lindape" & another Staff member "Furebear" disapproved and chastised Rod! How stupid can a registered sex offender like Rod become? A red flag should of been raised here & Rod reported to the police for Child Porn but see SOSEN does not report their own members when crimes are committed-they sweep it under the rug because SOSEN's number one goal is to abolish sex offender laws!

You notice Rod & his cat are wearing ear protection? See, Rod is one of those conspiracy wacko's that believe the government is sending out top secret "mind control" signals through cell towers! Looks like Linda the cat is going crazy. Figures. Poor cat is really suffering here!

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