Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Miami Julia Tuttle bridge SEX OFFENDER update


>>> Last few dozen people living under Julie Tuttle Causeway are harder to relocate; around 35 remain under bridge

The Miami-Dade Homeless Trust had its monthly meeting and the number of S… P… under the Julia Tuttle Causeway is still at 35 people, said Ron Book at the board’s monthly meeting. Book, the trust chair along with Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado, Commissioner Chair Marc Sarnoff and homeless trust staff have been working to reduce this number but the last few dozen are hard-core people who don’t want to live in proper housing. Sarnoff’s office said they once counted 124 people living under the bridge said Book but the trust only “counted 75 when we were [initially] there,” said the attorney. And while the hope was to have the encampment under the bridge “closed by Christmas” that seemed unlikely he said at the Dec. 17 meeting attended by 37 people.

Hard core sexual predators who don't want to live in "proper housing". Imagine that. They'd rather be bums living under a bridge! Interesting how these predators have been screaming they cannot find a place to "live" as registered predators & when the Homeless Trust steps in to relocate them, They refuse! Ron Book has done a great job in providing funds to relocate these punks. I think those remaining should be arrested for trespassing and jailed. Clean up the remaining scum under the bridge!

See the photo, these predators wrote this under the bridge. Senseless.

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