Thursday, August 6, 2009

4,820 Google hits

I was reading something Valerie Parkhurst (Valigator) said recently:

As far as Sosen and Nambla are concerned, I googled the two and many times pages and pages of their interactions, comments, blogs come up, if you have an issue with the alliance or percieved alliance of these two groups take it up with your search engine, not me. Many of you dont have to worry about people like me, I swear I think many of you are "your own" worst enemies at this junction...

I googled "SOSEN and NAMBLA" and got 4,820 hits linking these two groups together! Now, not every link was valid in defining a true connection between the two groups but a lot were. I found some "other" connections that I'll write about later. I hear most Sex Offender activists vehemently "deny" there is such a connection but the evidence states otherwise. How come people like Paul Shannon who started the RSOL, isn't rising up to refute these connections?


NAMBLA/ North American Man Boy Love Assoc.

SOSEN/Sex Offender Support & Education Network

RSOL/Reform Sex offender Laws

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