Sunday, August 2, 2009

At the Julia Tuttle camp, the sex offenders begin trickling in around dusk. It is a squalid and dreary place. The air is thick and stifling, reeking of human feces and of cat urine from all the strays that live there. Overhead, the bridge drones and trembles with six lanes of traffic. Makeshift dwellings sprawl out in every direction—tents clinging to concrete pylons, rickety shacks fashioned out of plywood, a camper shell infested with cockroaches. There is no running water or sewage system; inhabitants relieve themselves in shopping bags and toss the sacks into a pile of refuse that they burn periodically. Some men fish along the shoreline, then gut and fry up the catch for anyone who's hungry. For diversion, there's a nightly dominoes game, or perhaps a bottle of booze sipped in solitude.

Thats A LOT of trash! Why hasn't anyone reported this health epidemic to the local Health Dept? I'm surprised that no one made that call yet. Here is a great idea...File a formal complaint with the Health Dept. They will investigate and order the encampment shut down as a serious health hazard. I'm sure the offenders will be given time to relocate/move out. Then when Mr Book at the Homeless Trust offers them housing, These offenders will take it! Problem solved. Now, who wants to contact the Health Dept? Okay, I'll do it. Gee-sh!

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