Saturday, August 1, 2009

Postin at the "pedo den"

I copied this from the PJ forum awhile back. It seems a certain "ZMan" we know joined this group of pedophiles. I wonder why in the world a SOSEN member would join a pedo den? Here it is:

MONKI asks:

d, there is a Zman posting over on the Pedo Den forums who responded on March 8 to someone who posted there for help regarding a friend of hers who was busted by PJ in chat.

Is this the same Zman? Or no?

The reply from PJ member "determined" said:


Goodness! Even I have the common sense to not join a pedo den full of pro pedophiles. Can you say we now have another exposed SOSEN MEMBER who is working behind the scenes to help out known pedophiles? Yup!


SOSEN-Sex Offender Support & Education Network


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  2. Your link is broken and why should I believe anything you say as truthful? Your the guy who when pissed off, likes to post sex offender registry info in order to retaliate. You say you despise AZU when they use such RSO info tactics to harass but here you are doing the same stuff you condemn and you act like its a-okay. Had you never of posted my photo, I would not of posted yours...I decided to give you a taste of what it is like and you definitely did not like it! You banned me from your forum because you implied I was going to cause trouble. You said:

    "I have nothing against you personally, but I do not want you going into the forums, pulling stuff, and distorting it like PJ/AZU does, I've seen you do that."

    That pissed me off and you didnt give a shit whether it did or not and it cost you another friend. You posted the Jon E Jones RSO info in an attempt to cause me harm but you misidentified my "real" identity. You think the real JE Jones would approve? Nope and you again did not give a shit if he got hurt by your antics either. Now what does all this say about "your" character? You deflect with shit comments that it isnt illegal to post RSO info but you know the registries were NOT set up to be used by people like yourself who hold "grudges". I'd suggest you do some serious soul searching and cease & desist the crap you pull or go join with with AZU since you like to use "their" tactics!

  3. This is what SOIssues deleted and my above response to:

    SOIssues has left a new comment on your post "Postin at the "pedo den"":

    The thread is here:

    And sorry but NOPE that was not me, but you can believe it if you'd like.

  4. What I posted was your sex offender registry info. You went beyond that and posted my house and also using my photo to impersonate me, there is a big difference.

    There is nothing illegal about what I originally posted, or what I have on my blog now, and that is from a lawyer who I talked with online.

    Also, I NEVER wanted you as a friend, you are crazy. And one time, threatened to come to my house, which I still have saved in the email you sent me.

    You just CRAVE attention, that is obvious.

  5. And you can't ignore me! Fine, have it your way. You don't "own" that pic you know but think what you want to. You don't own the home photo that was taken from a public street but I'll me under the law where you own the house photo?


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