Saturday, August 8, 2009

What the activists dont tell us

He is 65 years old and was born in Puerto Rico. He was arrested on May 15, 2003, and charged with two counts of sexual battery after a relative reported he had been molesting her for "approximately five years," according to the court file. He had digitally penetrated her vagina at first when she was around nine years old. When she was thirteen years old, three weeks before she finally turned him in, He attempted to rape her. Designated a sexual predator, he spent only a year in prison followed by probation.

I want give his real identity in order to protect the victim. He is listed as "transient" living in Miami Florida. He was one of the first sexual predators to be placed under the Julia Tuttle Bridge in Miami.

This is the kind of predator that needs to be "monitored" 24 hours per day! We often hear the sex offender advocacy groups like SOSEN and Mary Duval "defending" predators like this man, trying their darnest to have the Miami 2,500 ft restriction law overturned. These activists tell us these offenders are "harmless" and deserve a SECOND chance...why, so they can molest and rape again?

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