Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kids under the bridge-recipe for disaster!

Picture Depicts Kids Present At Sex Predator Camp

"He says well these children have an uncle that lives over here and that's why they're over here with us," said Loret de Mola.

Other children have been spotted playing inside the camp, and one child may have spent the night last week. Department of Corrections officials say they received a report that one of the sex offenders living in the camp had his wife and son sleep in a vehicle with him near dozens of other sex offenders.

This is a recipe for disaster! Why in the world would a person take young children to visit a relative living in the midst of 70+ sexual predators/offenders? This is nothing short of child endangerment! I posted this over at Topix and it wasn't long until a so called pro pedophile sex offender activist had to jump in and say it was "okay" for kids to visit under the bridge:

Tsand, get your head out of the sand. If you had read the article, you would know this is fear mongering at its best. Parents were there with the kids visiting relatives. It is BS like this that creates adversity throughout the country. It is no different than visiting a RSO living elsewhere. Now they want to make another big stink and figure further ways to deny any RSO from having any relative under 18 from visiting or being around them.

No difference? The difference is, children should not be around such a large group of offenders, especially sexual predators who have a history of abusing children! Why are these so called activists always coming to the defense of the predators under the bridge? Watch the video at the link and become informed! We must first and foremost protect children and we cannot trust these predators to be around children unsupervised. One young boy spent the night under the bridge last week and we worry about these kids but the activists say we are causing "fear mongering" and adversity? Oh please get a fucking life you hypocrites.


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