Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sex offender incites others to "blow" up buildings

ZMan6919, aka "", aka Michael James Gregg, is a convicted sex offender from Georgia who is extremely active in a campaign to abolish sex offender registration laws in the United States.

Gregg, who was convicted in 1990 of child molestation, claims he "accidentally" exposed himself to a child on a playground when he stepped out of his shower and peered through a sliding glass door while still nude. In another version he states that a child was looking into his window and saw him nude. He states that he neither knew the child, nor touched them, but that he was convicted of molestation anyway because the child ran home and told a parent. He fails to mention that he was masturbating in the presence of a child "with the intent to satisfy and arouse" his sexual desires. Gregg also states that he was molested by his brother when he was 8 or 9 years old. He remains single and states that he trusts no one, and that as a result of his mistrust, he has never had a meaningful romantic relationship. He is an unemployed programmer and has stated that he is nearing homelessness due to his inability to hold a job because of his sex offender status. He shows no care or concern for his victim, but rather presents himself as being a victim of registration laws and requirements.

Promoting the belief that sex offender registries should be abolished, Gregg often blogs about his views that all registered sex offenders are being discriminated against. He has stated that sex offender registries cause discrimination against the families and children of registered offenders, by denying them employment, housing and schooling, in addition to making them social outcasts. Active on several sites which promote sex offender registration activism, he also claims that approximately 90% of the offenders listed on sex offender registries are not sexual predators or pedophiles. In fact, he gets his "statistics" from a pedophile website called GirlChat. See screenshot

Blow up buildings:

Zman a.k.a. SexOffenderIssues Incites Sex Offenders to Blow Up Buildings Zman says "Imagine with 630000 sex offenders, not including family, could do?" And uses this video to illustrate his point.

A Google search for "ZMan Sex Offender" produced 8,700 hits! Wow. Unbelievable but true. View this comical satire comment:

We do not like doing this, but ZMan (real name Michael Gregg) has been harassing tsand for almost 3 years now, and he continually posts other stuff about many other people and organizations to further expose their lies and expose them or their reputations, which is evident on his "truthful" blog. Zman, this is my personal "cease and desist" reply, and I am seriously thinking about filing a harassment order and lawsuit against you. Please stop what you are doing! I have asked you many times, and I am sick of your crap! If you do not stop, I will contact the sheriff in Georgia and let them know about this, and file a complaint with them. I have the many stupid comments made by you, in emails, web sites, forums, etc. So if you feel lucky, then file a lawsuit.

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