Monday, August 10, 2009

"Hell no, We won't go"

This is the current war cry made by the sex offenders/predators living under the Miami Bridge. Mary Duval of SOSEN is their official "spokesperson". I am hearing that Mary has encouraged these bridge dwellers NOT to relocate. I found this comment elsewhere:

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by her behavior after her shocking attempts to prevent the sex offenders under the bridge from obtaining housing. Her instructions to them were to say "Hell no, we won't go". Did she lie when she said they were in a desperate situation? Did she lie when she said they needed out from under that bridge as quickly as possible? There are people finding them residences and while that doesn't end the larger problem of "where will sex offenders live" it does help the immediate problem. It's hot, it's filthy and "no human should have to live that way", but Mary would have them stay where they are. Why? Those men - without jobs - without residences - without even running water listen to Mary. They listen to Mary because they believe she has their best interest at heart. But I believe Mary is willing to use, exploit and hurt anyone in her attempt to induce a Revolution through her acts of sedition.

I believe there will have to be another coup in Sosen. The other members there who have honest and legitimate concerns and needs better wake up and quickly. Mary Duval is leading them straight into hell.

Mary is SOSEN's Chief Executive Officer, The 2nd in command.

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