Saturday, August 8, 2009

Paul Shannon defending a pedo priest child rapist

"Mr. Shannon called the verdict “a catastrophe for me personally, for Paul Shanley certainly, and for everyone who is concerned about justice."

"If you tell, no one will believe you", whispered Father Paul Shanley into the 6 year old boy's ear as he proceeded to sodomize the child. An act he would continue to inflict on this child for the next 6 years."

Paul Shannon started the "RSOL"-Reform Sex Offender Laws. So called SEX OFFENDER support activist groups like SOSEN-Sex Offender Support & Education Network, CFC-Citizens For Change, ROAR For Freedom, ZMan-SexOffenderIssues, Have cast their support in joining with Paul Shannon, Who has direct ties to NAMBLA-North American Man Boy Love Association. Is this not sick and twisted?

We hear these activists constantly bitching about how UNfair these sex offender restrictions are, yet we never hear any of them crying for the "victim". Can you Imagine a little fragile 6 yr old boy being fucked in the butt by a sicko repeatedly? Read through the link and see how Paul Shannon is so heart broken his friend was convicted for raping children! Fucking bunch of damn activists sicko's.

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