Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gnashing of the teeth

I have heard already that the knives are being sharpen, ready to try and do "tsand" in. The SO activists are pissed off bout my open letter to Ron Book yesterday. They blame "me" for everything! Tsand the troublemaker, always stirring up trouble but at least I can say I dont hang around with or support pedophile groups like the RSOL & NAMBLA. Signing the RSOl Petition along side known pedophiles is a big no no! SOSEN recently placed this "disclaimer" at their website. You have to scroll way down to read it:

Affiliations :
Mandatory: SOSEN members must not be part of NAMBLA, Boy Chat, Girl Chat or any such organization.

Nice move here to cover this up! And how does SOSEN Staff check and see if their members are not affiliated with these pedo groups? They can't. What really bothers me, is there is NO prohibition of SOSEN members not being allowed to sign the RSOL Petition along side of known pedophiles and that aint right! This Petition was written by KNOWN pedophiles and SOSEN Staff know this but they play dumb acting otherwise. Here is the original Petition Statement of 1998:

Here is the original Petition along with signatures posted at the pro PEDOPHILE website "IPCE":

These signatories are all pedophiles or are pedophile apologists. Paul Shannon started the RSOL website. Bill Andriette is a pedo activist and member of NAMBLA:

So is Robert Chantelle whom in a letter to a newspaper, said much of the NAMBLA literature was, "Thoughtful, clearly reasoned, and provocative"! Letter dated May 13 1997:

I keep pointing out this overwhelming evidence to SOSEN and I'm accused of being a troublemaker! How in the world does posting incriminating evidence make me a troublemaker? It doesn't. I am NOT a "pedophile apologist" and refuse to even associate with pedophiles because of their pro con sexual sex with minors agenda! SOSEN members vehemently attack me EVERYWHERE, in their forums and on the web. I am public enemy # one!

I don't care. I oppose Sex Offender advocates/activists associating with KNOWN pedophiles in trying to get sex offender laws overturned. I will continue to stand firm! Let us not forget that SOSEN Staff once placed an illegal bounty on my head:

Well…’s been several hours since the above post and Cheryl and Linda have once again helped to put an end to the trash talk that PJ/AZ and TSAND has done.

HOWEVER>…….there is now a SOSEN bounty on TSAND'S head. Seriously, I am sorry that need to be this way but, TSAND/BCU/MYDOGSPOT/TOESINTHESAND/TOESINTHEMUD….had popped his cork and is a VERY DANGEROUS person. Extremely unstable!!

As we have seen he will continue to take town the RSO Activist community at any cost to our cause. He has to be stopped….and the only way we can do this is to have him removed from the general public and that will more than likely have to be an arrest. I would like to see him placed in a mental institution. He may never get out, but he will be taken care of by a medical staff.

Reply #32 on: March 08, 2008, 11:07:45 PM SOSEN Secretary


A illegal bounty. A hate crime in violation of the laws of America! Stop tsand at any cost even if it is "illegal". These are the kind of people at SOSEN I deal with on a daily basis! Watch out RON BOOK! They don't give a shit about protecting children. Not yesterday, today or tomorrow!


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  1. I was asked today what it would take to shut me up! Okay here is what you do:

    Remove your signatures from the RSOL Petition.

    Disassociate yourselves from the RSOL.

    Issue an official public statement condemning the RSOL connections with known pedophiles and groups like NAMBLA.

    Its as easy as that! Then I'd be more inclined to support the goals of SOSEN & RSOVA & ROAR For Freedom.

    Sounds good? ok then, get started!


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