Thursday, August 13, 2009

ZMan flip flops, offers apology

Remember Terry Brown? Remember when I EXposed him? See here:

Tell us the name of this software company and where it is located, So we can verify as to whether it is real business owned by you.

Societal misfits? How cute. That is your opinion and isn't how I feel about myself or conduct my life.

Why didnt you disclose that BACK TAXES were owed on the raffle home? Have you paid off the back taxes owed ?

Tell us the names of ALL past corporations you have owned so we can verify the info.

Since this is all out in the public, lets keep it that way, later than the private unpublic unseen email route. You dont have anything to hide, right?

Why do you keep telling us your going to do this or that but end up doing something different? You were going under the bridge for 60 day or until they got new homes, Now your only going to be there for two weeks, why? the 60 days was suppose to began on 6/15/07.

ZMan aka Michael Gregg was a huge supporter of Terry Brown. Terry could do no wrong! Z started to vehemently attack me but eventually saw the light and apologized to me:

ZMan says:

In reading again what TSAND has written, I think he may have some valid points and Terry ought to honestly respond to these questions and be truthful in his answers. I would like to see this done out in the open, On this public forum. If TSAND is lying, Then prove it by truthfully answering his questions so all of us can see what the truth really is.


ZMan says:

Terry says

However, each day I will trudge across the causeway during the rush-hour commute where I will set up shop at a different location each day in close proximity to various Miami public schools to show how dumb these laws are and that they do nothing to protect Miami communities. I will post my location schedules on my web-site and will be available each morning for media interviews from 10am to noon.

This does look fishy. I've checked Terry's website every day this week and have yet to see him publish any locations as stated above. I hate to admit it but it looks like Terry is a LIAR...States he's going to do this or that, Then does something totally different. Get a life man! You've made me look like a fool because I have defended you in the past! Stay the h*ll out of Georgia, We already have enough liars over here! My apologies TSAND.

ZMan defends Terry but later retracts his slander, priceless! Apologies from ZMan are often "rare". I thought I would post his apology for all to see here. If only only Z would take his meds on a daily basis, We wouldn't have to endure his skitzy rantings! Oh well.

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