Sunday, August 9, 2009

No more victims?

SOSEN>Sex Offender Support & Education Network

This is a copy of a brochure SOSEN has put out. Look up in the left corner and read what "goals" they support:

To abolish public sex offender registration & notification.

To abolish all registration for first time offenders.

To abolish all residency restrictions.

And so forth. SOSEN used to have this "slogan":


The victim NOW, is the registered sex offender! The real victim is no longer a concern to SOSEN members-victim empathy is ignored by these so called "activists". These new SOSEN goals are inline with the RSOL Petition setup by known pedophiles as seen here:

Scroll down to read the 8 points. I've asked again and again, If these laws were abolished, how would it protect children? All I get are "deflective" answers that do not address these real concerns in how children will be protected if we let sexual predators have their own way! If such laws were abolished, you wouldn't know if a dangerous sex offender lived on your street or posed a danger to YOUR child. Pedophile sex offenders would be free to molest/abuse at will. SOSEN has thrown "common sense out the window!

Come on you so called activists, explain yourselves! Step up and tell us how the children will be protected? I dare you!


ZMan: for providing copy of brochure

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