Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Mikey Gregg aka ZMan, recently got "banned" over at LiveLeak. He constantly posted pro sex offender videos, said stupid comments that pissed other members off and they kicked his ass to the curb and banned him. Mikey did a "poll" and when other members voted yes, Mikey would then block them from posting any comments:


I just got blocked by SexOffenderIssues

He/she/it just posted a poll asking if you think the offender registry is a good idea:


I went there, clicked yes, and then started writing a comment, trying to explain why I voted yes. He blocked me before I could even post the comment.

Now I have been quite sympathetic to SOI's cause, coz I think we need to be able to discuss this awful topic rationally to help protect our kids, but it appears he just blocked me purely because I voted yes. Was this just a trap to block anyone that disagrees with him?

It seems so...

This is how Michael Gregg operates. You vote the way "he wants" you to and your free to comment, Vote against his poll and he blocks you! Mikey cannot grasp or accept opinions outside his realm of thinking. He sets up polls that are slanted to his pro sex offender views. Disagree and you get blocked! Mikey kicked his own self out of Live Leak and of course he blames "others" for the banning. LL was smart in kicking his ass to the curb...posting such crap as "man has sex with horse" video...Does Mikey have a horse fetish or what?

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