Monday, August 10, 2009

Radical Extremist Splinter Organization

SOhopeful International Renounces Radical Extremist Splinter Organization

SOhopeful International is not affiliated with S.O.S.E.N. in any way. We hereby publicly renounce and condemn S.O.S.E.N. as an extremist and radical organization whose purpose only narrowly shadows that of our own.

(PRWEB) February 14, 2005 -- S.O.S.E.N. is a splinter group founded by disgruntled former members of SOhopeful International. Their worldview is totally distorted and their methods are deplorable. We therefore publicly withdraw any support or affiliation from said organization.

Any organization that would even think making a naked sex offender calendar is a viable fundraising idea is out of touch with reality," says Carolyn, Executive Director of SOhopeful International. We completely disavow that group. It does not deserve our respect, nor to use our name in their communications. Our organization is credible, legitimate, rational and dedicated to legal political activism through public education and outreach."

Nearly four years later, SOSEN has grown more "radical" and extreme, Aligning its self with known pedophile organizations in an attempt to abolish all sex offender residency restrictive laws, This will protect children how? Rather it will give the pedophile sexual predator free rein to molest children unchecked. Shameful indeed!

SOSEN-Sex Offender Support & Education Network

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