Wednesday, July 15, 2009

3 year old Riley Fox

Her body was found later that day in a river in Forked Creek, Illinois, just 4 miles from the family's home. She'd been bound and gagged with duct tape, raped and drowned, according to the Will County Sheriff's Office and the coroner's report.

If "you" signed the RSOL Petition (see link) or you promote such garbage at your sex offender issues blogspot, or promote it at your local activist group like SOSEN or ROAR, it means you don't give a shit about a innocent fragile little three year old child who was abducted out of her home, brutally raped, bound and gagged and thrown into a river to die.

What, how dare I accuse you of such you say? Well, if you signed or support the Reform Sex Offender Laws Petition, Then it is obvious that you care more for a murdering child rapist than the victim! I have to ask, didn't you fucking idiots READ the damn petition before you signed it???

This raping murderer has yet to be apprehended. Say he was already arrested/jailed. According to the RSOL Petition, he would have more rights than the victim, as seen here:

Stop public vilification and demonization of sex offenders.

That means we couldn't say anything "negative" about this child raping murdering scum! we would have to say nice things like, He's remorseful and can be rehabilitated. He deserves a "second chance".

Abolish all laws that provide the death penalty or life in prison without parole for sex offenders.

He would get maybe 10+ years or so who knows but he would never serve life w/o parole or get the death penalty for such a vicious devilish crime.

Abolish all life-time civil commitment for sex offenders.

He would be entitled to a "second chance" in life cause he is remorseful and got "help" in prison!

Abolish all provisions of state and Federal sex offender registries that publicly shame offenders.

This child raping murdering piece of scum would be able to live anywhere undetected by unsuspecting neighbors! Why he could even go work at a kindergarten and be around OTHER three year old girls.

Help sex offenders re-enter society.

Yup, even child raping murdering scumbags.

Support broad sex education for children, and empower them to make their own decisions and stand up for their rights.

I'm left wondering why people like Linda Pherson (SOSEN CEO) or Betty Price (ROAR Founder) signed this petition? I know both of their husbands are convicted sex offenders but neither commited such a vicious child raping murdering crime and yet, here they both support a petition that applies to "all" registered sex offenders.

And look at Micheal Gregg (ZMan @sexoffenderissuesblogspot), He didn't sign the petition but he nevertheless supports the RSOL and gives numerous links to the RSOL website. This is fucking weird behavior! Did he sign under a different name? Of course Mike has been calling for the abolishment of sex offender laws for years now and to think that he and Linda and Betty and numerous other petition signers don't give a shit about lil 3 yr old girls being abducted,raped and murdered!

Yup, fucking weird behavior.

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