Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The TruthSeeker "scam"

NOTE: See comment section

I am going to issue a retraction and state that Cheryl Griffith is not the author or writer at the above link. I offer a humble apology and am willing to admit that I was wrong! I just found out who the real author is and it is not Cheryl. Again, I apologize. I am not above saying that I was in the wrong here!

The "TruthSeeker" blog was started by none other than Cheryl Griffith, former SOSEN CEO and owner of the Uncomfortable Truth website. I incidentally came across this article recently. I found it very "untruthful". Here it is in its entirety:

The “Boy Chat” Scam

Some cult groups are trying to defame people in our civil rights circle by fraudulently associating our screennames with a bizarre group called “Boy Chat”. Personally, I have never even heard of this group / website until a YouTube cyber-stalker brought it up in his ignorant message. Apparently, they are some sort of child exploitation bunch. However, I have heard by some that groups like Boy Chat were created by vigilante cultists for the sole purpose of defaming those who support reforming the registry.

Also, there is word that these cultists snap screenshots of chat conversations and doctor up the image to make it appear someone they despise was involved in an inappropriate chat. This or, the cultist logged in with someone else’s screenname and actually had the conversation his or her self. This deception is very easy to accomplish given the proper software.

Let me state flat out that none of us who support civil rights are in no way associated with groups like Boy Chat or any other sick group. This is simply another scam by cultists who may have created these groups to begin with. We support the reform of bad sex offender laws that unjustly punish men, women, and children who do not belong on public registries, especially since many are non-violent and have families of their own to provide for. We strongly support the prevention of sexual abuse, something these misguided laws do not.

So again, just use common logic when you hear about such ludicrous statements from people who prefer to hide their true identities and who may themselves be responsible for what garbage they try to throw at civil rights activists. It’s quite concerning when you think about it.

I've got news for you Cheryl, Boy Chat is definitely a group of PEDOPHILES. BC was not started by "vigilante cultists" as you may of heard. Then you start defending these pedophiles accusing the cultists of "doctoring" screen shots cause you "heard" such elsewhere. Maybe true, maybe not true. I know of your great hatred of these cultists and I wonder if it isn't your hatred mouthing off here? Then you say:

Let me state flat out that none of us who support civil rights are in no way associated with groups like Boy Chat or any other sick group.

And you know this for a true fact? Well, I got news for you, I know there once was a "ZMan" member at Boy Chat giving advice to a pedophile who was arrested in a PJ sting. I also know that "Mary Duval" once joined Boy Chat in order to get advice about her son. You know Mary don't you? She is the SOSEN CEO.

I once gave advice to a Boy Chat member who contacted me by email re AZU. I didn't seek him out and nor have I ever joined Boy Chat or Girl Chat or any other pro pedophile group because I certainly do not approve. Frankly, I hope they all end up getting arrested for molesting children. Throw the key away! I'm sure there are "other" SOSEN & ROAR members who are secret pedophiles operating under a deceptive agenda other than yours Cheryl, yet you fail to factually research "Boy Chat" and the what & why Boy Chat was set up for. It may seem like I am berating you and I am to an extent but if your going to use the word "Truth" in your blog name, Then you need to be accurate and truthful, putting aside you bias. Associating with the RSOL-Reform Sex Offender Laws advocacy group kind of rains of your "prevention" of child abuse claim because the RSOL is full of Boy Chat pedophile Members!

Please wise up. Do it for the "children", Cheryl! Do NOT associate with known pedophiles.


  1. I do not have a blog at all and certainly not this "Truthseeker" blog.
    Sorry, you are blaming the wrong person in this case.

  2. First off, you will need to verify who you say you are and after verification, I will be glad to issue an APOLOGY and a retraction. If you are the "real" Cheryl, you have my #, so give me a call please.


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