Tuesday, July 7, 2009

tsand's twin brother is wrong!

My "twin brother" over in Georgia told me recently that I have damaged "the cause" by attacking such sex offender advocacy groups like SOSEN or ROAR. I have to disagree with that kind of thinking. My bro thinks I should NOT thrash them when they screw up! Therein lies the problem, No one will attempt to hold the leadership at SOSEN/ROAR "accountable" for these ongoing acts of stupidity repeatedly committed.

So, who ends up getting screwed when the leadership fucks up? "The cause" does! Then the "members" get screwed because they lose faith and don't know who to trust anymore. If the members object or raise legitimate questions, they end up branded as "troublemakers" and get banned!

People like my twin bro think the leadership problems ought to be "ignored" and NO criticism rendered period. But really, Where there is no accountable but chaos, Then how in the world can SOSEN or ROAR ever be held in high regard? It can't! Every year it seems, There is a NEW scandal over at the SOSEN or ROAR leadership. Leaders get kicked out, eventually the "new" leaders plot revenge against OTHER leadership and kick em out and hijack the groups. I ask, is that not senseless?

Look at these past scandals:


Big fight and members leave to start SOSEN. Sohopeful issues a public statement calling these ex members a "radical extremist splinter" organization!

(see link below) Sohopeful eventually closes down because Jim Freeman participates in an illegal internet child porn operation.


People like Linda Pherson and Cheryl Griffiths engage in a plot to kick out the then SOSEN CEO Shirley Lowry and hijack SOSEN. Years of turmoil are the direct result of this evil plot. Eventually, Other leadership start fighting (Cheryl against Linda) and more leaders get banned from SOSEN.


CEO Betty Price gets kicked out by Harvardphd (Julian Godwin) just two months ago! Julian is under Florida criminal investigation re this matter among other matters against the law. Plenty of mishaps demonstrated at ROAR over the years with lies and slander spreaded everywhere. ROAR leadership conspired with SOSEN leadership to cover up Jim Freeman's child porn arrest. Julian BANNED up to over 100 ROAR forum "members" after ousting Betty Price and her husband Mike.Now we have Leadership joining forces with pedophile groups such as RSOL-Reform Sex Offender Laws. Aligning with known pedophiles? Senseless!

My bro wants to make "me" (tsand) out as the big trouble making bozo who damages "the cause"! Really? I'm not responsible for these ongoing repeated fuck ups at SOSEN or ROAR and he knows this, yet so easy to accuse me otherwise. Make tsand the scapegoat instead! Nope, not even close. I played no part in those fuck ups!

My twin has a real nice sex offender advocacy blog over at BlogSpot. He sees ALL the crap going on but he has NEVER criticized SOSEN/ROAR leadership. He thinks it hurts "our cause" if one steps up to hold these idiots accountable for their ongoing bullshit. I disagree and I refuse to be silent! Stop the bullshit and I'll shut up then!

Oh by the way, My twin is the short chubby one who smokes whereas I am the tall handsome twin of the family. Enough said! :-)



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