Thursday, July 9, 2009

ZMan's Rebuttal to the "truth" of this blog

Z just posted this at website:

We do not like doing this, but TSand (real name "deleted") has been harassing ZMan for almost 3 years now, and he continually posts other stuff about many other people and organizations to further harass and harm them or their reputations, which is evident on his blog. He had another blog, but it was hijacked! So, as much as I hate to do this, here is his Florida registry details, which I am not posting to harass him, or anything else, just to show who he is. He has many email addresses and aliases, and I wonder if the Florida DOC knows about all of them? TSand, this is my personal "cease and desist" reply, and I am seriously thinking about filing a harassment order and lawsuit against you. Please stop what you are doing! I have asked you many times, and I am sick of your crap! If you do not stop, I will contact the sheriff in Florida and let them know about this, and file a complaint with them. I have the many threats made by you, in emails, web sites, forums, etc. So if you feel lucky, then file a lawsuit.

Oh pleeze! I don't have any grudges against Mike other than the sad fact he has linked info to pro pedophile originizations like RSOL/NAMBLA/B4UAct. I am not angry with Mike but very disappointed in his behavior of late. Yes, once upon a time Mike and I were friends. I was the one who first invited him to join Sohopeful. Years later we had a falling out and warred for awhile. I approached him about a year or so ago and apologized for all the past bullshit and we becames FRIENDS again. I have even honored him on this blog and the past WordPress blog. (see * link at bottom)

Yes, we recently had a falling out because he falsely accused me of something that wasn't true. I tried to reason with him but he wasn't interested. Mike is just as guilty in harassing me in the past and I have the emails to prove it also. Back then he was so pissed off, he decided to join in the ill repute behavior that AZU-Absolute Zero United is so infamous for, to become a "vigilante".

Mike tried to expose my "real identity" on his blogspot website. My email is Mike researched the FLORIDA sex offender registry and found that was a "John Jones" sex offender. Mike jumped the gun and posted a direct link to this John fella, "but" (its a terrible but too) I wasn't THIS registered sex offender!

Mike in his rage, put this John fella in danger because at the time, there were many out there who were out to "get me". SOSEN once upon a time put an illegal "bounty" on my head and plotted to get me arrested! It didn't work out and I'm still free:-)

ZMan's (Mike) posting the John Jones info was in direct violation of Florida Criminal law! A first degree misdemeanor punishable by (1) year in the county jail. How did I handle this vigilante behavior?

I immediately contacted Mike and told him I was NOT this John Jones registered sex offender. Mike ignored me. I then ran over to SOSEN to a staff member who "personally" knew me and asked him to contact Mike and inform him I was NOT this John Jones. He did so and Mike then removed the link.

Did I seek to have ZMan arrested? Nope. I considered him redeemable and I forgave him! I, my Sosen Staff friend, Linda Pherson and Cheryl Griffith, We worked as a group through emails to reconcile this serious breach of trust. And yes, there emails to prove this whole situation and a screen shot of the John Jones link at sexoffenderissues blogspot as evidence.

There a big difference between harassment and exposing the false lies of associating with pro pedophile groups like RSOL. I am big in doing DEEP research before I post a thread topic on this blog. I don't just up and post unfactual comments, I research! Mike is mad because I exposed his linking to RSOL which has pro pedophile connections! Hey, I tried to reason with him and convince him otherwise but he refused to listen even though Mike knows what I state is the truth and nothing but the truth. There is no slander, libel or harassment on my part here. I really thought Mike might see the light and disavow any connection with pro pedo's but obviously not when he would rather attack "me" instead! Is Mike pro pedo? I have no idea if this is true or not. I will not accuse him of such but I do accuse him of endorsing a group like RSOL being linked to NAMBLA. That is truth, not libel.

Mike, If you feel the need to attack rather than being truthful, then go ahead and do so but it is the vigilante hyprocisy attitude that will come back to haunt you in the long run. You say your not posting "my" registry info to harass but in reality you are, but so what, isn't that what the vigilante AZU folks say as well ?

I will never "cease and desist"
in exposing the truth and nothing but the truth!

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