Monday, July 27, 2009

National blitz: "Countdown"

Its coming. Soon I will start a national campaign targeting our Nation's leadership. I think its time to inform them about the pedophilia secret agenda over at RSOL/Reform Sex Offender Laws. I'm going to "name" names and provide evidence.

I thought the sex offender advocates like SOSEN, ROAR & RSOVA & SexOffenderIssues, would rise up and disassociate themselves from hanging with "pro pedophiles" but nope they refuse. I'm left wondering if the above mentioned groups weren't really in fact started by "pedophiles"? Well, it would certainly make sense due to their strong alliance with the RSOL whom has connections to NAMBLA/North American Man-Boy Love Association.

Its time. Let the countdown begin! I will start with West Virginia first.


Z "Cave" Man

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