Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The RSOL "support" HotLine

The Support Hotline is an all volunteer project staffed by private
citizens. We are not professionals or lawyers. We are people deeply
concerned about the damage being done to our families, our children and
our country by the nation's sex offender laws. We are working to change
those laws.

The goal of this hotline is to support people affected by those laws
with information and ideas - or just listening to what people have to
say about what's happening to them. Given how bad the laws and the media
are, we may not be able to be of much help. But we will try.

This "hotline" was started by Reform Sex Offender Laws (RSOL). They adovcate overturning ALL sex offender restrictive laws. RSOL has close ties to NAMBLA:

"North American Man/Boy Love"

NAMBLA wants these laws overturned, so they can have sex with under aged teenage boys and not have to worry about being criminally prosecuted for child rape.

I recently asked Mr ZMan over at "Sex Offender Issues" Why he was posting RSOL info at his blogspot? He said this:

" I never said I support RSOL, now did I. I link to them, yes, but that doesn't mean I "support" them."

Confused? I sure am! He links to several RSOL websites and even has the RSOL Hotline posted on the forum he recently set up at his blogspot. The confusing thing is, Mr Z is quite AWARE of the RSOL link to NAMBLA. I want the sex offenders laws revised also, but I'm NOT going to join with a group that has ties to NAMBLA in order to try and achieve that goal! In order to be fair to Mr Z, I will say that he didn't sign the RSOL Petition like some other sex offender adovcates did (SOSEN/ROAR). But still, He freely links to RSOL and that in my opinion, is an ENDORSEMENT. That basicially means you "support" their goals. I thought Mr ZMan would wise up and realise how unwise it is to associate with a group that is linked to NAMBLA..."pedophiles" but I guess I'm shit out of luck!

Has it come to this now that we must join forces with the pro "pedophile" orginizations in order to acheive our goals of getting the sex offender laws revised? Where is the common sense? This yellow belly coward liberism will come back to bite us!

Sex Offender Support & Support Network (SOSEN) (notice the name change @ link)


If Mr ZMan wants to post a "rebuttal", I will post it here but keep it civil.

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