Sunday, July 19, 2009

Help my brother out!

Somebody help my "twin brother" please! He needs a girlfriend desperately. He is a little spacey looking and I was thinking, Are there any single blind women out there we could fix him up with? He lives in a nice house too! He is a little chubby w/rough beard and he smokes and I wonder, what are the odds we could hook him up with a blind overweight woman who smokes?

She would have to be "fixed" (not able to have kids) cause my twin is a...ah...hmm...registered sex offender, but otherwise, A swell guy! He tends to hold grudges and lie, Ah but he is sooo sweet!

He plays the "christian card" about how he is saved etc but has often instead of forgiving someone, has called them ungodly names and dragged them thru the mud. He is rather a hypocrite in saying one thing and doing another..but still he is a sweet guy!

My bro is OCD but is still a sweet guy!

Now that I've thought more about my bro, what are the odds we could find him an blind, overweight, smoking & hypocrital woman who has OCD? Never mind. He should stay Single!

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