Thursday, July 16, 2009

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He is my hero! He told me several weeks ago, that I wasn't doing a good enough job in exposing the hypocrisy within the sex offender advocacy movement. He told me I needed to get tougher or quit! He told me that if I didn't attempt to hold SOSEN or ROAR accountable, no one else would. I followed his advice and hope he approves of my new bold tough guy attitude!

Its not about being mean or seeking revenge but about presenting the whole unadulterated truth and exposing the underlying corruption that many do not see or ever hear about. Now, let me say that not "all" members at SOSEN (Sex Offender Solutions & Education Network) or ROAR For Freedom, are corrupt but are being deceived by leadership who use them as "pawns" in order to achieve devilish goals that will in the long run, hurt children. The prime example being the RSOL Petition. A big heart felt "thank you" to Mr Hero for opening MY eyes!

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