Thursday, July 9, 2009

Zman's 2nd rebuttal

Here it is:

And his latest rant for 07/09/2009, claiming we were "friends!" We were NEVER friends, except in your own mind. And he claims that by me posting another sex offenders registry info on my blog, that in some way I was breaking the law. No sir, it's not illegal to post unaltered info on any web page, even if it wasn't you, and it did not put anyone in danger, like you seem to believe. And he "claims" I am mad for him pointing out that I link to RSOL web site. No, I am not mad, and I'll link to them again. (, but just because I do so, doesn't mean I agree with what they may say, period. If anyone at this site is doing something illegal, then they should be arrested, and I never said otherwise. You been hanging around the anti's too long, and are sounding just like them now.

Any way, this is all I will be posting on this blog item. I am not wasting my time on talking or dealing with someone who is apparently unstable.

Oh my. We were "never" friends huh? I guess he was playing with me but thats okay. Mike claims to be a christian who reads the Bible regularly and I wonder if he will able to sleep to night with a clear conscience?

Several people have told me to post his emails and let his own words hang him but I am not going to do that because I see no value in doing so.

Mike posts the following comment under his latest attack:

Mr. K thinks just because I post links on my blog, that I support them, that is insane. I guess that means I support all the news organizations, videos, blogs, web sites and everything else I have linked to. Absurd! I despise NAMBLA and everything they stand for, period!

Mike does more than posts, he endorses them! Interesting that Mike offers NO disclaimers/warnings alerting his viewers that NAMBLA has ties to RSOL/Reform Sex Offender Laws but Mike states he "despises" NAMBLA, then why endorse a group like RSOL that has connections to NAMBLA/B4UAct? Kind of hard to figure out what to believe at Sexoffenderissuesblogspot!

Mike told me that other day he believed no one should be "thrashed" or held accountable when they screw up. Interesting Mike had no problem Thrashing me with his vigilante doings. Sleep well my friend.

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