Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dr. Fred Berlin

NATIONAL RSOL CONFERENCE - July 10 & ll, two sites, Boston and Texas, linked by video. Keynote speakers in Boston, national experts, Dr. Fred Berlin and Dr. Jerome Miller, in Texas, Atty. William Habern. Other experts and panels on issues of importance for sex offender law reform. A closed conference, only for RSOL signatories and non-signatory participants, and RSOL affiliated state group participants.

I have been researching Dr. Berlin's background and it is not stellar. I will provide link info that will allow you to draw your own opinion as I continue to research.

> Dr. Judith Reisman

Ongoing sexual abuse of children were not reported while under treatment!

What is it that they have advised the American bishops to do?

Reisman: Well clearly they advised the bishops that it's perfectly all right to send these pederasts and pedophiles back into the community and back into service as priests. They--the bishops--took the advice of the medical professionals, when they returned these men to their roles as priests. The professionals didn't say to them, "Look, this man is a pederast. He will continue raping children as long as he is near children he will be raping them. Our advice is don't ever let him go near a child." No; they never said that. If they had said that, I can assure you, every one of them would be hauling out their records right now and plastering them in front of every newspaper.

Both Dr. Berlin and Dr. Money, however, have made it very clear in writing that they would never turn in a pederast or pedophile to the authorities, whether they were sexually sodomizing 100 boys or 1,000 boys, or boys or girls, or combinations thereof. Now I cannot prove it until we have legal discovery, but I would assume that these experts, if they told the bishops they were not going to report these men, certainly wouldn't have done it on the basis of saying that they knew these men were going to continue sodomizing boys.

So far, I do not like Dr. Berlin's flippant attitude. I'm all for therapy for sex offenders because it does work if the offender is open and willing to change but regardless of this fact, there still must be legal consequences in order to protect the victim and future victims. To treat an offender while abuse is ongoing, its maddening and demented for a "professional" like Dr. Berlin to care for the perpetrator over the victim(s). I sure can understand WHY the RSOL invited him to attend this conference, cause birds of a feather flock together!

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