Friday, July 31, 2009

sex offenders prefer to stay

But there is just one snag no one seemed to see coming: The sex offenders themselves are reluctant to leave their ramshackle abodes, no matter how deplorable their isolated existence has become.

Ron Book -- chairman of Miami-Dade's Homeless Trust and a victim's right's advocate -- is nevertheless marching forward on a mission to relocate the very people he once pledged to ostracize.

He has up to 18 possible units ready for them to move into and more to investigate.

But the causeway community isn't budging, at least for now.

"I'd rather stay here. This where they put me in the first place.''

Mr Book has located 18 places these sex offenders could move to and yet these vagrants resist! How stupid is that? Its like the panhandler standing on the street w/a sign "will work for food". You offer em a job but they turn you down cause they collect more $ just standing on the street corner. These sex offenders don't want to "better" themselves with proper housing, They want to squat under a bridge and say woe is me! This attitude is stupid and meaningless. We have spent years trying to get Mr Book to work with us and then these bridge dwelling sex offenders throw up road blocks and the work is for naught! Such utter stupidity. Lazy good for nothing bums. "Rickie" says "they put me (under the bridge) here". What an idiot. You willingly went there & now your offered real housing and your not interested? What a fucking shithead attitude. Stay under the bridge then. I will no longer help such an idiot who doesn't give a shit about bettering themselves! Real stupid.

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